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  1. My fave restaurant basically has about 6 main courses on the menu and they very rarely change any of them. Originally, I was worried once people worked their way through the menu they wouldn’t return and the place wouldn’t survive. Ignoring lockdown, the place has been open a good few years now and there’s still a 2 month waiting list for a table. edit: 10 things on the menu, they’ve added 3 veggie / vegan dishes to what was a meat only restaurant
  2. Listened to radio 4 this morning for the first time in ages (had an early drive to site and it was a bit too early for some bangin’ tunes). They were basically really really excited about pub Christmas, all but counting down how many sleeps it was ‘til ‘spoons.
  3. Ah yes, now you put it like that, I can see non religious people have actually always had nothing but respect and Absolute equality for women. My bad.
  4. Amen brother, last thing you need is some religious son of a bitch in your life. Judge first, ask questions later.
  5. Someone has done a Venn diagram of people that expressed concern the BLM protests could spread covid and people cheering the pubs reopening.
  6. 92 (it was actually only 7% which is very low, my guess before I looked it up was high teens)
  7. I agree there’s plenty of new stuff and little point in replaying the last war. But Labour were leave, to re write them as remain is proper weird.
  8. Or reading a newspaper for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years.
  9. Paint the floor white or gold, buy a mahoosive Persian rug with a big pattern that’s utterly out of keeping with the rest of the decor. Job done.
  10. Lots of activity on that twitter today from Labour politicians celebrating that they’ve won a reprieve for Royal Glamorgan Hospital A&E Department, lots of ‘we’ve done it! We’ve won!’ style tweets. Westminster Labour MP’s, Cardiff Labour MP’s, local Labour offices, all hailing their victory and the power of community getting together and saving the NHS. Labour are in charge of the Health Service in Wales and it was their idea to close it in the first place. I’m off to suggest I have salad for tea, then campaign against the idea of salad for tea, then declare my major victory over me when I decide not to have salad for tea. That’s apparently how it works now.
  11. Oh I think I’d already worked it out, really.
  12. NASCAR has contributed next to nothing in the development of sat nav.
  13. Are you including yourself in your pondering? Or are you just judging others?
  14. For anyone worried the Bristol anti slave trade people were being given favourable treatment over fascists, the Bristol police have now issued photos of 15 statue liberators they’d like to talk to.
  15. One of the three Nazareth albums I had as a young starter. Hair Of The Dog No Mean City Expect No Mercy but that’s not really why I’m here, it was to post this... Just fairly typical of the level of conversation in our house. Followed / reversed an hour later by someone trying to tell me ‘interesting’ facts about films based on comics.
  16. Bump it to the religion thread. Then you can be wrong in two places simultaneously!
  17. Sat and watched a whole game of footy on the tv today. First time in absolutely ages. Wales vs Belgium.
  18. Nah, the first box, literally the top one was ‘no religion’. If people of no religion are so thick or threatened that they have managed to miss that and tick something else that’s not a demographic you really want to lay claim to. There was even ‘other’ if you wanted to go Jedhi.
  19. I’m not sure a survey of 3,000 beats the national census number crunched by the ONS. The ONS have included all valid surveys of sufficient size in their figures.
  20. Come on then, show us your workings, I used ONS. I’d still say we are predominantly white and we are predominantly Christian. I’d be surprised if there was a larger grouping.
  21. Common enemy innit.
  22. I suspect it will be below 50% next time, but still able to team up with the Buddhists and all and giving the infidels a good kicking.
  23. The last large scale census has it at a decimal point under 60% I don’t doubt the figure will be lower in the 2021 census, but there’s still a very long way to go before it’s ‘no religion’ with the bragging rights.
  24. chrisp65

    U.S. Politics

    Weird, looks like lots of people booked up tickets but didn’t go. The really funny thing is, trump being trump, that will really get under his tangerine skin and he’ll have to bring it up at his next opportunity. All you’ve got to do, is have the right combo of words on your trump bullshit bingo card.
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