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  1. Even in his short time on the pitch for Villa, he looked to get on the ball
  2. He’s proven at this level, he’s one of very few in our squad that actually is. Yes, it was 3 or 4 seasons ago but only Heaton, Reina, Drinkwater are proven Premier League players in our squad, the rest of the squad is young and with potential to be good Premier League players
  3. He can get on the ball and actually dictate play
  4. In the current squad? None of them, that’s why they’re employed by the club, you?
  5. He’s only 30 years old, he should still have a good few years left
  6. They must’ve bought him for a reason...
  7. I agree but it doesn’t mean he can’t turn it around, he has the ability in my opinion
  8. I wouldn’t rank him alongside those players, not long ago he went to Chelsea for £30m
  9. The break will have done him good, he can come back refreshed. According to Wikipedia, he has only played for us 4 times and yet he is being written off. He’s a proven Premier League player, we have very few of those in our squad
  10. Even in his short time on the pitch for Villa, he ahowed that he can spray the ball about. He has experience in this league, very few of our players can say that before this season. It seems that he has been written off by many on here but not me. He can help keep us up in my opinion
  11. He’s not a waste of space, get him on the pitch and he can keep us up
  12. For a then 21 year old with little experience, it was a lot of money for a Villa transfer, maybe not compared to other clubs
  13. £15m is a lot of money for a young player with potential
  14. It didn’t stop Pep Guardiola praising Luiz when we signed him, I think for someone of 21 years old, he has done well for us
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