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  1. Approach for Gibson has been "rebuffed" according to Nixon.
  2. DevonVilla

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Difficult afternoon for him, their other striker and probably best player (who he was linking up nicely with) went off injured quite early which left him isolated. He looked a threat each time he got the ball into feet which is what he was asking for constantly but had to keep dropping deeper to do so and spent most of the game chasing long balls. He showed glimpses of quality, going past players with ease and drew 3 fouls in the space of about 2 minutes at one point. Went on a good run down the right, cut inside and the Exeter keeper made a decent save to deny him. Cambridge are a poor side and I just hope they can adapt to play to his strengths instead of relying on long balls up to Azeez who's about 6ft.
  3. DevonVilla

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Will be going to Exeter City to watch Rushian playing for Cambridge on Saturday, will feed back!
  4. After reading about a possible Hause medical I just had a look for the Villa Transfers (@avfctransfers1) lad on twitter and his account seems to be deleted? Would be a shame if so, always bang on and ahead of everyone else, hopefully it's just mine playing up.
  5. DevonVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Just had a look, doesn't hold back does he!
  6. DevonVilla

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Couldn't agree more, Odds on him coming have been slashed today though oddly.
  7. DevonVilla

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    John Terry rumours and missing out on SJ? Bargain.
  8. DevonVilla

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would anyone give Gollini another chance?
  9. DevonVilla

    League Cup Draw 1st Round

    Exeter away would be most convenient!
  10. DevonVilla

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    IF he were to come i can't see it as a negative at all. It will give a lot of fans a boost and get more through the gates, he'd want to go out on a high and his vast PL and international experience would only benefit our youngsters.
  11. DevonVilla

    January 2017 transfer window

    Medical booked today for the "Mystery Man" according to avfctransfers.
  12. DevonVilla

    January 2017 transfer window

    Would be my guess as well.
  13. DevonVilla

    January 2017 transfer window

    Being Exeter based I watch a lot of City games and I'd be delighted if he came to Villa, very talented kid and getting better and better. last weeks highlights sum him up 3 assists and you won't see many better than the first, that touch!