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  1. Vern watching the first 6 seasons of Californication in less than a month, exceptional stuff! Especially the first 4 seasons
  2. He's actively trying to get to a bigger club, there just hasn't been any serious interest. Which is very strange.
  3. I have seen a lot of Bob Bradley and Stabæk over the last two years, as it is my local team in Norway. What he has done with the club over the last two years is unbelievable. I would be delighted if he were to take over Villa, how he still manages Stabæk is hard to believe. The guy has that extreme winning mentality you can only find in Americans. He always go for 3 points, he even did the first matches last year when the squad average age was 19.9 years and the club had the lowest budget in the league. Bradley is a special manager, and I think everyone that has followed his career will be as
  4. Sorry Timmy, time to get out. Don't let your pride get us relegated. 7 games lost out of 9 is just not justifiable under any circumstances.
  5. just a guess but I reckon it will disappear if you turn off Adblock .... It was kinda implied in the question that I am not going to turn off Adblock
  6. Is the pop-up asking you to turn of adblock going to be there permanently? It is extremelly annoying.
  7. The only thing I know about it is that it is related to voodoo. I suspect it's designed to reinforce the power of an elite through indoctrination, magical thinking and unfounded belief in authority. It probably has some pretty art. So, no. Thank you. No pretty art? Surely that in the eye of the beholder? I have a feeling it also offers some pretty attractive rewards in the afterlife.
  8. Corbyn wants to print money to pay for all his cheap liberal voter baits. Jeezuz. He's clearly aiming for economic illiterates.
  9. Benteke didn't perform well until october/november.
  10. Kinda missed Sinclair, as he was technically signed this summer.
  11. Great window. We've finally got a squad, something we haven't had for years.
  12. norwegianvillain


    Reviving this thread. I recently moved to Shanghai, does anyone else live here?
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