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  1. sorry if im wrong but think palace had one of the worst home records last season if not the worst, think they were much better away from home.
  2. villaluke

    AVTV 2019/20

    i knew it would be audio if anything but just surprised we haven't heard anything if they will do live commentary this season and how much it will cost etc.
  3. villaluke

    AVTV 2019/20

    anyone know whats happening with avtv this season haven't heard anything about it this season?
  4. changed it back to 60 seconds as you say it should be done quickly and to get people to think about it.
  5. i wil lower it down to 30 seconds but it was always 8.30 i never changed that.
  6. yes i believe so i have also invited AndyM3000 to join. i set up the league as max of 16 incase anyone else wants to join.
  7. hes never played in the prem because hes never got a work permit if match fit of course he will be our 1st choice defensive midfielder.
  8. i think i have sent everyone the code for VT2 league if i haven't can you dm me and i will send you the code for it.
  9. Dont worry i will be!
  10. out of curiosity what did you find out about Grealish last summer? that he was staying i take it?

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