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  1. what will the ticket availability be if we get to the final? will it be season tickets holders only?
  2. villaluke

    Dean Smith

    another great half time team talk by Dean Smith
  3. aguero firmino vardy, Aubameyang just to name 4 but think there are more in the prem. there quite a lot of forwards that i would rather us sign than kane just think hes not as good as he used to be, think his injures over the years have caught up with him!
  4. villaluke

    Dean Smith

    you right they not man city they are above them!
  5. i dont even think hes the best striker in the premier league.
  6. we got to stop developing other teams young players so i wouldn't sign him
  7. people said that about the league cup at the start not that i think we will win the league cup but you get my point lol!
  8. is this why World War 3 is trending on twitter?!
  9. wesley not the only reason we in this position and is not the only problem that we have got!
  10. Wesley not the only reason why we are 18th as much as i want a new forward the amount of goals we have conceded is a much of a concern if not bigger!
  11. whats best result for us in Brighton v Bournemouth match draw?
  12. why cant there be an in between? i dont think Wesley has been that great tbh but at the same time dont think hes been that bad as people think and dont always get the stick he gets, dont think he gets the service he needs think bringing in jota could help.
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