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  1. i spend all day ringing babestation, sorry i mean club call
  2. does anyone know the itk that is on twitter he was on there last few transfer windows but cant find the account now? think he know when a medical was booked etc.
  3. i was positive about this signing then i saw this post
  4. but on the plus side we have qualified for the champions league
  5. villaluke

    AVTV 2018/9

    i was thinking about getting the audio commentary is that worth it? does anyone know who does the commentary?
  6. i will give him credit for it when you praise Dean Smith
  7. how many loan deals can one team do?
  8. i would rather him stay here but if he was to leave i would want him to do well.
  9. villaluke


    i thought Carlo Ancelotti got appointed Napoli manager so isn't Sarri free to join chelsea?
  10. sorry for asking again but any feedback is appreciated just wondered what the commentary is like and if its worth signing up for the audio commentary? cheers!

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