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  1. thats why its called the speculation thread!
  2. i dont trust villareport though can they be trusted?!
  3. would anyone take a punt on carlos vela? i dont watch that much mls but he got 33 goals last season and wouldnt cost that much.
  4. we got as much chance of signing messi as coutinho none!
  5. may as well try and sign messi got as much chance as signing coutinho!
  6. hes at Brighton now been there for about a year.
  7. even if he makes quite a few changes that should still be good enough to beat Watford.
  8. are they where have you seen that?
  9. has anyone got a spare sky now tv pass for tonight match?
  10. villaluke

    Dean Smith

  11. No different to any other villa player then.
  12. what would you of done differently? 5th is not midtable.
  13. villaluke

    Dean Smith

    Alisson was there best player.
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