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  1. i wouldn't be surprised to see spurs play son and kane especially if the villa match is called off.
  2. i know i cant believe his record is that good either!
  3. thats usually how football works!
  4. John Mcginn jealous over him and Ross Barkley.
  5. you that upset about villa beating Newcastle?!
  6. 0-0 at brighton you can see the second half at https://faplayer.thefa.com/home/all
  7. unfortunately i think we voted for PPV.
  8. can you ask him if any update on the theme park?
  9. i totally disagree with her but surely she aloud her opinion and she was only asking the question.
  10. . https://twitter.com/AVFCOfficial/status/297059445375119360
  11. just the bottom team we got to play them next week so hopefully we will win that.
  12. we not even in the relegation zone! i would happily bet that we wont go down it was always going to be a hard season.
  13. Reporter: “so Gareth what do you think about Jack Grealish’s new 5 year deal at Aston Villa?” Gareth: “yeah well I think Ross Barkley’s loan deal sounds very exciting and I think we should all be very proud of him”
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