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  1. Golf: General Chat

    I did watch Tiger in his prime, and it’s safe to say that’s never going to happen. I’d love to see it again, as it’s the most entertaining golf I think I’ll ever see in my lifetime, but he would have to defy the human ageing process to make it happen. That’s not to say he can’t be the best again, and I’d love to see that too.
  2. Steve Bruce

    It’s too soon to be calling for his head again, so soon after a terrific run of games, but the last two games have reminded us just how poor a tactician and in-game manager he is.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    This one’s on you, Brucey.
  4. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    And it’s entirely by design.
  5. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    I fear the subs have ruined our chances, here. We’re all over the place.
  6. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Well, it is now... ffs
  7. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Unlucky, to be fair.
  8. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Completely lost our shape, now.
  9. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    I think this is Karl f*** Henry’s idea of sunshine and good day for «football», actually.
  10. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Oh dear, it’s ‘play all the strikers’ time again.
  11. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    We’re unlucky to be behind, and you could reasonably blame both the weather and the ref, but this isn’t the response I was expecting after monday’s debacle.
  12. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    That’s a pen for me. Ref even worse than we’re used to at this level.
  13. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    No-one cares, mate.
  14. Possibly interesting maps...

    Let’s play ‘find Utah on a map’!
  15. Steve Bruce

    I’m not going to be too critical of him, as I didn’t question his team selection before the game and it’s hard to blame a guy for not changing a team that played so well last time out. ...but it strikes me as odd to blame fatigue when you haven’t made any changes to your team.
  16. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    I think that’s fair. It’s hard to question the starting XI, although Thor for Jedi and Lansbury for Hourihane would have made sense. The players looked sluggish and never won the ball in dangerous positions, allowing QPR to keep their defensive feet for 90 mins. However, the in-game management was terrible. We never really changed our approach, and the formation change must have been an idea born out of a lack of ideas. If we had any shape at all before that, we certainly lost it after. Just throwing strikers at a problem rarely solves anything, just ask Paul Lambert. At half time, Brucey might as well have played the boys a recording of last week’s radio wheather forecast, as they came out looking every bit as unaware there was a game being played as they did before the break. The players had a bad day, the manager had a bad day. I’m furious with all of them right now. But, I also trust them to bounce back and fight for every last available point.
  17. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    An absolutely unacceptable contrast to saturday’s game. Poorly played by the players and equally poorly managed by the manager. QPR showed they aren’t very good at all, except from heading away crosses at the near post. We sure played to their strength (singular form very much intended). Still, there are so many points left to play for and so much quality in this team, that this is not the time to capitulate. The team certainly owe us a reaction, though. I demand a performance against Bolton that’s as big a contrast to tonight’s game as tonight was to saturday.
  18. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    They way we’ve played lately, I absolutely couldn’t see where the next defeat would come from. The lack of effort and quality on display tonight makes such a contrast it really is hard to accept.
  19. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    It really does, and as proud as I was after saturday I am absolutely furious now. I expect a massive reaction from the players on saturday. I feel they owe us that after this.
  20. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    It’s actually less than I expected, but I agree we shouldn’t give up after this. As terrible as this game has been, there is enough in this team to do something this season.
  21. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    I give up. We can play for a decade and we won’t score, it looks like.
  22. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    No shape at all now.
  23. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Amazingly, I still think we can win this if we show up for the second half. QPR are kind of shite.
  24. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Time to wake up, maybe? You’re going to have to try if you want to win. Pathetic.
  25. Pre Match Thread

    I have a feeling about this game that I’m not sure I’ve ever had before as a Villa fan. I can’t see us not winning. Intellectually, I know that not to be true. There are no easy games, mustn’t underestimate and so on and so forth. However, there isn’t a single part of my brain or general central nervous system that tells me we are capable of dropping points tonight, such is my confidence in this team right now.