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  1. Steve Bruce

    It's not. 12 months of awful football and underwhelming results is.
  2. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    It's kind of worrying how much better they are.
  3. U.S. Politics

    Try telling them crazy Yanks that!
  4. U.S. Politics

    Or could they?
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    Good first, not so good second. Need to stop letting the opposition back in the game. Need to keep winning.
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Barnsley v Villa

    Better. Certainly after half time. A bit more swagger, a bit more attacking intent. Kodjia and Davis is potentially a formidable partnership at this level. Shows we could and should be doing much better in this league. These players are good enough to take us up. Barnsley weren't good but they're not a pub team either. We defended well, it wasn't just Barnsley being shit. The result gives Bruce a stay of execution. Hopefully he's on a short leash, though. We have to win consistently. We need to play like we're favourites to win every single game.
  7. Steve Bruce

    You're right, of course, he doesn't really do tactics in the first place.
  8. Steve Bruce

    One thing I'll say about Bruce is that I honestly think he's very passionate and desperately wants to do well. Because of that, I think he gets too carried away with what's happening on the pitch to make any kind of accurate analysis of the game, or be able to accurately tell time for that matter. This is in no way a defense of Bruce, btw. It's one of his biggest flaws as a manager as it makes him completely incapable of making good tactical decisions on the touchline.
  9. Steve Bruce

    There really are no reasons to wait. He should have been sacked weeks (months, really) ago but surely even Wyness must see his mate Steve can't recover from this?
  10. Steve Bruce

    The man is shockingly incompetent. He was never my first choice and I knew he wasn't any kind of tactician, but I wasn't too upset with the club when they hired him as he seemed a safe, sensible short term solution, at the very least guaranteed to get us into the play offs. But boy, the man really doesn't have a clue. Even with Sherwood, who I have absolutely no time for at all, there were mitigating circumstances. Bruce really has no excuses. None.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Go away go away go away go away.
  12. Wow. First of all, I'm not a social democrat. Thank you for your lecture on Scandinavian post war political history, although I'm not quite sure why you felt I needed that. However, your categorisations of Sweden's current gov't and the Norwegian Labour Party are inaccurate and you overestimate the significance of 'janteloven'. But all of that is beside the point anyway and I never claimed that any Scandinavian country is purely socialist. On the contrary, in just a few weeks I intend to vote to make Norway more socialist than it currently is. Neo-liberalism had been far too influential for the last 30 years. What I did say, or tried to say, was that socialist movements and ideas have been absolutely instrumental in making Western Europe a relative success in terms of economic prosperity and equality for the masses and, no, not through a 'take the good and leave out the bad' kind of process but rather through the struggle, persistence and eventual success of the (democratic) socialist labour movement. Their ideology was always and consistently socialist and my great grandfather would be personally insulted if you told him he wasn't really a socialist because he rejected armed revolution or didn't reject the individual's right to property. You keep mentioning Marx, as if socialism is defined by his and Engels' ideas. It isn't and it never has been. Sure, some socialists are Marxists, but it's not like Marx invented socialism or that there werent't socialists contemporary to Marx who disagreed with him. In fact, even if I'm sure Marx was respected in socialist circles, all of the dominant socialist labour movements of Northern Europe outright rejected Marx's means entirely. The word socialism itself is also far older than Marx. Furthermore, many (any) Marxist would disagree that Marxism=authoritarian state monopoly on economic activity. It's perfectly possible to be a democratic Marxist, too, but it's a different kind of democracy to the one you and I believe in. Socialism is an incredibly wide spectrum of ideas and movements. Lenin, Castro and Tito might have been socialists, but so was f*ing Gerhardsen and Erlander.
  13. You really need to stop it with your pointlessly narrow (and wrong) definition of socialism. I'm a democratic socialist. I know several others. It's a thing. I believe in a state monopoly for education, health care, transportation and utilities. I believe in significant state regulation of financial activities and active state ownership in certain key industries. Most of all, I believe in strict social, economic and political egalitarianism. All of the above are, in my opinion, means to that end. My egalitarianism is the very core of my socialism. State monopoly is not a goal in itself, it does not define my ideology. I believe my egalitarian goals, my idea of a socialist ideal, can (and must) be achieved through democratic institutions and the rule of law, including fundamental individual rights such as the right to property. Other socialists may share my goals but disagree that they are achievable in a parliamentary democracy. Some of them again lean towards authoritarian or totalitarian ways to achieve their idea of perfect egalitarianism, while others are of a more anarchist persuation and are sceptical of any political authority other than strictly direct and local democracy. Socialism takes so many different shapes depending on historical, cultural and geographical context. To say that socialism equals authoritarian state monopoly on economic activity, and only that, ignores the concept's etymology, history and diversity, not to mention commonly accepted usage in your own cultural context. By any reasonable understanding of the word, the history of socialism in Western Europe is a wildly succesful one. Be thankful for that history and get over it.
  14. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We need someone with a big enough ego not to be overwhelmed by the size of the club, yet have the balls to say 'f*** this, we're Aston Villa and we're good enough to outplay all the teams in this division'.
  15. Steve Bruce

    There's no way to recover from this. He's done. He seems like a lovely person but he is very obviously not suited for football management in 2017.
  16. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    But is it better than Steve Bruce's fabulous Aston Villa happy time show? (I have actually seen the Green Mile and it's not bad).
  17. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    He's a dead man walking anyway.
  18. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    So, could anyone please tell me more about sponges and electrical conductors?
  19. Park Life: AVTV Live

    Against my better judgement, I decided to try and catch the second half and was prepared to pay up but I got the same error. Oh well, money saved.
  20. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    I've averaged less than 1800 cals in per day and covered about 70 km/week plus weights once a week. Having 8 weeks off work with a two year old at home, I needed a project to keep me sane
  21. A dictionary will hardly provide a useful definition for such a complex term as socialism. Your narrow definition ignores centuries of history and countless volumes of camparative political theory, not to mention common practice. Socialism is several hundred different things. It's a catch-all phrase.
  22. I'd say that's a (too) narrow definition of socialism.
  23. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Michael Sheen, maybe?
  24. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Lost 8-9 kg since July 1st. Three years of neglect erased in six weeks. The plan is to lose another five before I start adding some muscle mass. I feel absolutely terrific. The difficult bit starts tomorrow, though, as I'm back to work after eight weeks off and both my diet and work outs will be much harder to maintain. I expect the next 5kg to take at least as long as the first nine, probably longer, but I'm fine with that as long as I keep making progress.
  25. Running

    Vaseline is a life saver. And I always wear one of these under my t-shirt: