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  1. I find the Tom Morello thing really strange! He was probably the most obvious one for me!
  2. I keep thinking middle 4 is Prince William
  3. He's not black. And I love RAGE
  4. Corey is top right, good shout! Still got the same smile now!
  5. Top Row, second from left. The legend that is Tom Morello?!
  6. Ive now got another 2 going for nothing!
  7. How long do you have left on the contract? You could either ring them and try as had been suggested or quit the contract and then hope they send you an email with the offer! Or you could try and sign up again with an offer like this one under another name within the property? £80!! Is that phone and broadband too?
  8. Stevo, come September give me a shout and we should be able to get it renewed. If not, SKY have been sending out emails over the last couple months offering existing customers 75% off for 12 months! So you could maybe wait for that! Either way, get in touch mate.
  9. Cool. I've never had SKY broadband so I couldn't comment. You don't have to take the broadband option though, can just go with the TV.
  10. As the title says, I have a couple of codes available which will give new SKY customers 50% off any TV and broadband package for a whole year! The deal can be cancelled at the end of the 12 months if you want or just renewed again. To give you an idea of the costs: Full SKY + HD everything movies, sports etc with Unlimited Broadband and Sky Talk would be £47. The TV alone with Sports and Movies and HD would be £31.62, without HD £25.50. Cracking deal. Valid until June 22nd. I have 2 available at £40 each. Any questions or queries then PM me. UTV
  11. i? DeepDish wins the award for the only VTer to read my uninteresting posts I did a bit of research and looked back at your posts and can only see something about when "Richard" posted about a letter from Fergie. You then said "a bad omen" which makes me think that Richard could be in the name which then made me think Frank Rijkaard but he is with most bookies by the looks of things.... hmmm...
  12. Nope, Lerner arrived in Birmingham earlier this afternoon. Do you know where he arrived from thetrees?
  13. Me neither. I lost £700. The odds kept getting shorter, I kept laying. That's how much I didn't believe it would happen. I don't bet anymore.
  14. Spuntinos is a great shout. Went there last weekend for lunch and the food was awesome.
  15. Roast, Maze Grill, La Gavroche, Pitt Cue (go there about 6 as it opens!), Cay Tre, Goodmans, Luxe, Gordon Ramsay
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