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If you had a choice...


Which would you rather win?  

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  1. 1. Which would you rather win?

    • Champions League
    • Premier League

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The CL can easily be won based on pure luck over a season (on top of some level of skill of course)

You have seen Monaco, Porto and Liverpool in recent finals, none of them who has a good enough team

compared to all the others.

The Premiership isn't disputable, you win because you are good for 9 months.

I don't want to win the CL for everyone to say "you don't deserve it", like Liverpool, I want to win the Premiership

because it would mean we are better than ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, which also means we are good

enough to win the CL some time that year or the next :)

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Nail on the head there for me Rocafella.

The league is the one I want to win, I'm lucky that I've seen us do both and as much as that night was special it is still the winning of the league the year before that I go back to for great memories

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Right now I would take a league cup next season please.

FA Cup the following year in double with UEFA Cup

Premiership the year after

and the triple FA Cup, Premiership defence and Champions leage victory after that

This is my 4 year plan and I hop Randy agrees

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