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  1. Good post, but I don't think Sutton will play footie again....
  2. now that would be top class (in the voice of alan partridge)
  3. Michael Kightly's name keeps on cropping up. Is he any good?
  4. French guy in my office says he's blows a bit hot and cold.... Saying that, supposedly Carew had a bad attitude - but he's become a Holte End hero after 1/2 season
  5. I'd like the Englnad U-21 captain at the Villa. I like the way we're building a British spine, makes me proud. Brings a tear to my eye.
  6. Can anyone summise what our 'hot prospects' appear to be?
  7. Finnan would be a good, solid signing. He made most pundit's PL Team of 2006/7 at RB
  8. Yes, we would, but we would be fighting almost every big club in Europe. He would be a brilliant addition to any team. Oooooooo. Carew and Tevez. **** me. What a dream combo.... I'm going to go sit in a dark room with some tissue.
  9. Have we bought anyone yet? Is anyone staying at a local hotel? Are we signing Ronaldinho? Are we signing any 'out of sorts' from Liverplop? Are we? Are we?
  10. have people been getting their 'AVFC transfer updates' on their mobiles? I'm on Orange - the list is quite long. Anyway, everythime they've been larking on about keane and defoe - haven't they both just signed 5 year deals? i'm not sure what the source is - it may be even from avfc.co.uk. if that was the case, then why are we publising players we're going after?
  11. 100% Bollox! I wouldnt be surprised if you are Pro-McCann... Gravesen has played for Real Madrid. He was brilliant at Everton and he has done ok at Celtic. Gravesen is 31 years old and he still can do a bloody good work in the middle where we have been so weak and inconsistent. The youngsters will benefit hugely by his presence and this would not be a bad move or MON considering he has stated that he wants quantity and quality. On the Kewell note I would like to mention what his merits are and that he has been a good player for Liverpool recent seasons...although this season has been dis
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