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  1. Would rather rely on him than Parish if needed - a fan of Parish I aint! Will probably be on cheaper wages than Stuart Taylor and was the type of signing that was needed to plug that hole. Now, if we could just plug the holes in central defence...!
  2. Very true. People say we lost because of the team we put out & while there is a huge element of truth in that, the fact is Albrighton/Bannan did us proud, but Sidwell & Shorey messed up for the first goal, then Shorey/Osborne for the second!
  3. I enjoyed that fella, cheers. I've been singing his praises for ages, while there has been all the fuss about Delfouneso and Bannan, I've been telling anyone that will listen that, "Yeah, but wait to you see this lad Albrighton..." I think the Middlesborough game was a moment where I worried. The fact that Heskey was out there concerned me, although there is a counter-arguement there that Milner was at RB (which is a WHOLE other discussion!) but it would appear that my fears were hopefully put to rest by him doing the biz this summer. Put it this way, if Jimmy is out & Albrighton
  4. I've never read an OBE article that I didn't enjoy, and this certainly didn't buck the trend. Very good read mate, I was almost disappointed when the article finished!
  5. I am that egotistical that I have my own Facebook fan page now! So, you know, if you want to follow my blogs and you are on Facebook...!
  6. As I've now given up drink, I have given up the drugs too. But I must say I love cocaine. Like, badly. However, it will be easy not to do it now I'm off the booze though cause for me they always went hand in hand. I always liked pills and am glad to say I never had a bad experience. Acid, fine, bit dull after a while. Never had an issue with speed so am a little surprised at the bad rap it got on here. I actually hate the ol' 'mari-jarna', I am a non-smoker anyway and it gives me minging headaches for some reason. Why aren't poppers on the list?
  7. Right, one more to add & that is it (for now anyway!) One Man & His Poems So that is 4 now active blogs: The World of Sheriff Kimbo Villa World The Diary of an Alcoholic One Man & His Poems It's great to be back!
  8. Another New One To Add: The Diary of an Alcoholic Also, The World of Sheriff Kimbo has made a return after a 25 month hiatus!
  9. I've come out of my blogging hiatus, expect a few to arrive over the next few weeks. First up is my new Villa blog, available here
  10. For anyone that is on Facebook, I have opened up a group dedicated to my blog. Yeah, my ego is that big! Anyway, feel free to come join if you like!
  11. Spelling and grammar mistakes aside, can't fault you there JC :winkold:
  12. Mine is back. Don't all get too excited http://www.xanga.com/SheriffKimbo/
  13. I don't think right-mid is that big a priority if we get a decent attacking right-back. Petrov does just fine out there. The problem with the right hand side is that Mellberg is a centre-back playing out there. I think he has done a good job & we couldn't ask for more from him. But it does mean that the attacking is done predominately down our left. In terms of Petrov, people say he is playing out of position, but that's not really the case. In the majority of his Celtic days he was playing behind the front two when MON played with three centre-backs, but then when he switched to 4-4
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