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Aston Villa - Pre Season 2013/14 [HD Video]


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Another great video CryptoN, puts AVTV to shame it really does.

Oh, I'd like to work on AVTV  :D Often tried to please the fans   ;) Ready to work for food  :D  :D  :D

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Thanks all, it's nice when my work likes other people  :blush:


Top work. Have you sent it to the club as a form of CV? They could get you into their media department. 

I did not even try. Is it worth a try?  :huh:



Spasiba broheim.

vsegda pozhaluysta (You're welcome)  ^_^

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They did advertise for a graphic design position recently, not sure if they filled it or not though.

For me it is a hobby, not sure what my level is professional. But I think a couple of months of work and practice and my skills would significantly increase.  :rolleyes:

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