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  1. Doubt theirs much chance of us keeping him this summer. Class above the rest.
  2. I'd say the more impressive things over the anthem was the perfect minutes silence and when the players stood together in a line next to each other.
  3. Fair play that was a nice goal.
  4. I enjoyed it, after all the press drumming England up again after qualification saying we're the one of only 2 teams to go through without a loss, i enjoyed watching them be brought back down to reality and how outclassed we are against the upper tier national teams.
  5. Yeah i just read it's going ahead again, madness.
  6. So addicted to this game, i start building my settlement up and then before i know it 3 hours has passed by
  7. For those who have played the first 2 hours or so.
  8. The embargo breaking review from IB is hilarious, clearly the reviewer has no idea what Fallout is about.
  9. Ordered the disc, found out it's one disc with 4.7gb of the 26gb download on the disc, cancelled my disc order and just brought on steam instead. Was expecting the reverse, 5gb download and 21gb on a couple of discs. Preload starts at 9pm GMT tonight so i'll get it downloaded for 12am Tuesday instead and play it for a couple of hours that night.
  10. Bradd92


    Gonna be Jurgen Klopp and as much as i hate Liverpool he's going to be a perfect fit for them.
  11. Bradd92


    Game is so broken it's unreal, the first patch for it is twice the size of the actual game.
  12. Bradd92

    Fifa 16

    Madness i know but decided to try UT again opened about 10 packs and got 1 player rated over 80
  13. Bradd92

    Fifa 16

    High pressure abuse online is just ridiculous.
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