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Top 4: Preference?


Which team in the "Top 4" do you dislike the least?  

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  1. 1. Which team in the "Top 4" do you dislike the least?

    • Arsenal
    • Man Utd
    • Liverpool
    • Chelsea

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Inspired by something I wrote about a minute ago on another thread, I was just wondering... out of the top 4, who do you actually like the most? Or to put it another way, who do you least dislike?

Mods could you add a poll please?

I was just trying to do it but I'm clueless...

Done - Bicks

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the only one i dislike is chelsea because of there cheating, but i have to say i like having some of the best players in the world in the premiership.

but i support all of the top 4 when they are playing unless against us obviously. Just so they keep the middle tier teams in reach, so we can get a late push for europe

i probably dislike arsenal the least but i have no bad feeling for any of liverpool, man u or arsenal

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Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Although I want Man U to win the title rather than Chelsea. MAn U use to be my most hated team, now Chelsea are. Cannot stand their arrogance and stupid financial aspect, "oh lets waste loads of money, I don't care, our owners minted". It is not how a club should be run. There is no sense of achievement in winning the league like that.

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I have Man U, but more by default.

Arsenal are wonderful, absolutely wonderful to watch when playing well. Arsene Wenger though, I despise, and Jens Lehmann is that much of a dickhead that he makes Robbie Savage look like a good bloke :shock:

Chelsea - I hate a lot of the players. I don't like Mourinho. I think their fans are idiots. I could go on...

My issue with Liverpool is strange one. I have never really liked them, apart from when I was a little kid & they were the best team in the country. I always preferred Villa of course, but I guess I did like them.

When Roy Evans took over though I started to go off them. Possibly when Souness took over even, but in all honesty I quite like Souness, albeit I never EVER want to see him connected with our club on any level!

This is very strange but I think it is partly because they should be better than they are. I look at signings of people like Pennant and I just think, "rocket polishers!"

Man U though... well I hate Gary Neville & Rio Ferdinand. But I have no real issues with them otherwise. I even kinda like Fergie, and I actually liked Roy Keane, contrary to how many other people feel about him. I also have the upmost respect for Giggs and Scholes, and I am a huge Wayne Rooney fan.

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The Arse

have loved 'em ever since 89 when they pipped the red scousers to the title with a last minute goal by Michael Thomas.

forever etched in the memory ....

plus, they play the most attractive football (although professor yaffle is a bit of a knob at times)

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Souness going to Liverpool was great

BFR - "Can we have David Burrows and how much?"

Souness "No he's English but you can have Staunton instead"

BFR - does a blingtastic five knuckle shufle :mrgreen:

Didn't he do the Deano deal in a similar way?

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I am afraid that I am in the small minority.

Manure, Liverpool and Arse all tried to create a breakaway european super league, holding *secret* talks. I still think it's a pity that they didn't go.

Manure will always be the ultimate scum. There is no one to touch them. They have the nastiest, whining fans, summed up in the pathetic bleatings of one of their players, Gary Neville.

A large section of Liverpool fans are just whinging murderers, refusing to accept their part in two of the three human disasters that befell football in the 1980's.

David Dein has done more to destroy English football than anyone else, particularlywith his G14 campaigning. Arsenal may not be boring any more, but they are about as English as Boca Juniors.

Whether you like them or not, Chelsea have injected huge amounts of new cash into football, and if them winning the title for the next 10 years is the only way of stopping the other three, then I would take it.

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Can't decide whether I dislike Liverpool or Arsenal the least, the other two are a given for the top two spots

I don't dislike either of those two. Proper clubs, they are.

Man U it's just some of their fans that iritate, otherwise they're alright.

And Chelsea, well, don't like the fans much, nor their ticket prices, nor that oily git Kenyon, so they definitely "lose"

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cannot stand chelsea - the premiership will be a better place once mourinho pisses off - loathe the guy and his club

liverpool - not a fan of benitez - big tosser.

arsenal - Wenger is clearly talented but yet another example of a grade A bell end. sure they play nice football but i will never respect them for how much their players feign injury like children.

man utd - i cannot think of many reasons to dislike them - ronaldo and ferguson spring to mind - but they are a proper club

its interesting that the majority of my hatred stems from the manager! thats why im glad we have a manager like o'neill who knows how to behave in public, and not like a petty,immature clearing in the woods like wenger,mourinho and benitez

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I`ve secretly "hated" Liverpool since they won the CL after being made look like a bunch of goblins by AC Milan in that 1st half.. I live in the same house(in norway) as three Liverpool fans(we are four people), and it`s a nightmare. They just adore themselves and their holy team so much it`s really too much for me to bear. It`s almost as if they sympathize with me for my brave support of such a "small and insignificant club" as Aston Villa, and that makes me silently celebrate when they drop points and crash out of cups. To me, Liverpool fans are an annoying bunch of self-lovers, and my dislike for the club is mainly down to the fans here and not because of the type of football they play. Arsenal represent the type of attacking football which makes me proud to love the game, and is therefore my favourite among these teams.

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