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Favourite Villan (Current Player)


Whose your favourite Villa Player?  

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  1. 1. Whose your favourite Villa Player?

    • Juan Pablo Angel
    • Gareth Barry
    • Lee Hendrie
    • Olof Mellberg
    • Darius Vassell
    • Gavin McCann
    • Nolberto Solano
    • Other

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I take it you mean favourite regardless of how they are playing, otherwise this is simply a player of the year.

As an example my Favourite once was Alex Cropley and nothing changed that, no matter how badly he played he was still my 'favourite'

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Jlloyd Samuel. he's quietly getting better and better every game and is turning into a top class attacking full back. (I'm a left back anyway so I'm biased).

I wouldn't buy a shirt with a current name on the back though - you're just asking for Alpay / Savo type behaviour which means you can never wear the shirt again.

When was the first year that names were on the back of shirts anyway? I was thinking some unlucky bastard might have a shirt with "Hodge" on it, but I think he's pre-names on the back.

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Dion Dublin.

Why? Nothing special but in my mind he was and is allways loyal to the Villa.

He also turned around from a forward player to a defender.

And offcourse what he did also against the Blues clearings in the woods.

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Number 10, Darius Vassell.

He's come in for a lot of stick since Sunday, some of it deserved, but in general I think his form since December has been nothing short of breathtaking. Ive loved watching him play ever since he was a Youth, setting a goals record that will never be beaten.

He's not a natural finisher, he never realy has been. But the work he puts in for other players is truly underated. Angel wouldn't have the goals he has without Vass streching defences to breaking point.

I realy hope we don't lose him. He's still young and is progresively getting better under O'Leary. Heres to Sunday just being a blip and another goal against Blue-Scouse........

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Off Topic:

I have only one shirt with a name on the back of it: MURRAY number 24.

It is the old '96 away shirt (?), the dark blue one.

At that moment Murray was a youth player and the shirts where on sale so bought one.

I don't have one thing with this Murray but I am curious what happend with the player.

Anybody an idea?

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