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  1. I can't even remember creating this thread! Oh happy days ;o)
  2. I thought I'd join the sometimes silent majority and tell you to keep up the good work General. I along with many others are proud of having Randy, MON and yourself on board, and like all good relationship General, you have to take the rough with the smooh, and its been pretty rough around this thread lately so have some smooth ;o) Yes we're all a little frustrated transfer wise, but you've all earned my trust based on what I've seen so far. Worst comes to the worst Gen, I'll play right back ok ?
  3. Thanks for everything you and the board have done for this club General. We are finally starting to move towards our real potential. What are your personal highlights of the first few years at the club would you say?
  4. General, ignore the doubters, your all doing a wonderful job down VP. If we'd just won the champions league there would still be someone moaning about something on here! We're heading in the right direction and thats the important thing.
  5. Why? Because we've drifted off (his) message? People are expressing their opinions, for the most part lucidly. Football is all about opinions. I'm sure the General doesn't need people protecting him from criticisms and worries. Hey I feel protective of a guy who has done/said nothing but positive things for this club since he's been on these boards, sorry! :roll:
  6. I'm sure he's big enough to accept criticism of this summers transfer dealings. I'm sure he is John, its just a shame that such a forward thinking member of our new board should have to read some of the very negative posts on here at times.
  7. I notice the General is online now, I'm sure he'll be proud at some of the posts tonight.
  8. I think as a fanbase (at least online) we're pretty much split through the middle right now. Anyone over 12, with memories of Ellis and at least 2 braincells will still believe JOKE DONT PANIC!
  9. I think a poll is required pete, I still believe btw
  10. General if you need any scouts based in the south of spain at a very reasonable rate let me know
  11. I'm looking forward to going down and seeing this hotel General, my late grandad was distressed when he saw how it ended up.
  12. Na keep em down there, I prefer the quiet life. Plus its funny watching the likes of Southend beat them, and only 15 fans turn up, in fact go one better and follow Walsall please. They are where they belong, well below us.
  13. If something was on the cards would we have had a sniff by now ? What about signing Healy btw?
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