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Favourite Villan (Current Player)


Whose your favourite Villa Player?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. Whose your favourite Villa Player?

    • Juan Pablo Angel
    • Gareth Barry
    • Lee Hendrie
    • Olof Mellberg
    • Darius Vassell
    • Gavin McCann
    • Nolberto Solano
    • Other

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BTW there is no clear winner in this poll as yet because the leader, Angel only has 37% of the vote, so 63% voted for someone else.

In the interests of fairness we should have a second poll where you have to choose between Angel and Mellberg.

There doesn't need to be a winner, there's no right or wrong answer. It's just interesting seeing what we all thought.

I didn't expect so many people to pick Hendrie and I overlooked Hitz as an option :oops:

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Mh said:-

I voted for Mellberg. (Surely he is better looking than Angel? But what do I know).

Well, I agree, Mellberg is, in my humble opinion, the SECOND best looking player at Villa but, sorry, not better than JPA in my view

Anyway, I'm sure you all wanted to know that (not!)

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Tommy H was the man I voted for. Really improved of late, has a sweet left foot and someone I like to model myself on - purely on the basis that I have a left foot. and i like to shoot from distance. except i miss. all the time.

Gav came a close second though, then JPA

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  • 10 months later...

How things change, I guess this is why the polls are left here, so you can look back on them, the poll if done again would probably change quite a lot, but I'm well aware that it is to do with "Favourite" and not "Best", but best leads to favourite in a lot of cases (not mine, my favourite is DLC, he's not the best)

anyway just thought you might like to read the comments and you can all see how much we all change in 11 months (just under), by we all I not only mean our opinions, but the players as well

there's some other polls well worth a look back there as well but I don't really want to drag up more than one, seems as if I'm spamming

these are some of my other favourites....

Carlton Cole or Beattie?

Who would you drop to accomodate a new signing?

Which central midfield partnership?, before Hendrie started scoring presumably...

like I say this isn't to prove anything, or have a go at anyone, it's just interesting

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  • 4 years later...
To be fair you can't knock JPA or Mellberg even now. They were both very good players, and fan favourites really.

Bet Olof was absolutely delighted to see us stuff juve, they clearly didn't love him like we loved him.

ill bet he did, if melberg was still at juve for that game i wud have gone to spain and begged him to come home to villa park where hes loved:P

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I just noticed Nobby Solan.


And Angel was average because the supply to him was quite simply shite.

True, but the first seasons, I can fully remember was Angel's brilliant season, 03/04 I beleive, then he was poor the next and the one after.

I remeber him missing 2 pens in a game and missing a pen then scoring an own goal in the same game. :lol:

I loved Solano and the Hitz back then!-

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