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After Eight (Positives)


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Positives of the Chelsea game.

1 - I was not with my two fellow countrymen, members of the Latin Lions, that spent about 800 £ and quarrelled with their girlfriends (that wanted to spend with them the Christmas Eve) to see the worst Villa defeat ever! ;D


2 - Today is that kind of day that (maybe because of the Christmas atmosphere?) all your friends that support every other English teams (not only Chelsea or Man. Utd but also Crystal palace or Blackpool and even Arsenal) and that you haven't seen for ages, fell the urgent need to turn up for greetings and wishes and generously send images of tasty gifts. ;).


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Haha, is this gonna be one of those games where Villa will refund the fans their money spent on tickets?

I know what you mean, I had dozens of texts immediately after the final whistle, one from a Bham fan who quite simply wrote "hahahahahahahahahahahaha", and another from a Coventry fan who said "welcome to the championship"... To which I quickly reminded him that Cov were infact in league 1, (I'm guessing he thinks they will be promoted this season). Also a mate who is a Leeds fan said to me 'least we only conceded 5 and managed to win a half". And finally, a Tottenham fan mate of mine simply put, "can't wait for boxing day".

I think we should just laugh about the defeat now instead of being all miserable about it... Might help the players ahead of our next few matches.

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the last time we beat Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield we lost 7-1 to Chelsea, beat Utd 1-0 at Old Trafford and got to Wembley twice.

Let's have a repeat. But since the loss to Chelsea was one step further, we'll have the Wembley visits go one step further too.

...Yes, win the league cup and lose the FA Cup Final :D

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We're inconsistent defensively.

We've given up a rather poor 18 goals over the past 9 league games.

But we do have eight more points than we would if we were consistently giving up two goals per game, so I'd much rather lose 8-0 to Chelsea and 5-0 to Citeh than be more consistently bad.

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