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  1. Already, one of THE WORST keepers EVER seen at Aston Villa!
  2. The moment this absolutely useless clown got subbed on, we immediately concede 3 more goals in the short duration. This just speaks volumes about this utter trash of a player. Whenever he is in the team, we almost certainly get trashed by a huge margin.
  3. Tonight is the night Bright lights, hype crowd Yeah, we came to go down Everybody get loud
  4. Please terminate this ****'s contract NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand him!!!!!!!!!!!!! The WORST player I've EVER seen in a Villa shirt BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Replacing Benteke with Gestede - LOL Replacing Delph with this guy - LOL No wonder why we are going down
  6. Let me guess, he's playing Centre Back again today? With him and Guzan, little surprise 1-0 down in less than 5 minutes. As it has been for almost all the games they have started this season. No coincidence.
  7. Blackburn Rovers must actually have the best crossers of the ball / wingers around if they can somehow manage to get this useless turd to actually score 20 goals in a season!?!?
  8. So, what was he doing allowing Defoe free behind him then? A liability is a liability, no wonder how you want to paint or defend (pun intended) it. One of the worst and yet overrated players ever.
  9. Another game, and another goal caused. Nice own goal.
  10. Play Micah Richards at centre back again. No surprise the own goal just happened. Garde OUT
  11. Better than Gomes? At least Gomes does / gets something with / on the ball. This guy might as well not even be there as there isn't a difference
  12. Overrated just because he used to be an Arsenal player. Some people seem to think that he automatically MUST be good just because of this. These people point to a lack of quality in our players, Sherwood lost 7 in a row so he wouldn't have gotten the 4 points that Garde has... as excuses. Well News Flash: good managers manage to achieve results even with poor players and that's exactly what defines a good manager? Look at the bizarre decisions he has made that surely, surely, good managers would not have made: - waiting till we started to send in crosses and Gestede causing troub
  13. I would say a great deal of our current position has been down to the fact that we have this guy as supposedly our main central defender. Defender who can't even get the basics of defending right. Look at his non existent marking for the goal. He has been doing that (or not doing that, depending on which way you look) all season. How many goals have we shipped due to him having absolutely no clue as a defender? He is something like a poor man's David Luiz - rash, frequently out of position, always attracted to the ball / attacking and not even bothering to defend, no clue what he's doing.
  14. Yet again, what the hell was this guy doing for the goal? Being clueless not knowing where anyone was just spinning around being confused? This guy is an absolutely terrible defender. Never rated him and one of the most overrated players ever. Having some size, commitment, energy, work rate alone doesn't automatically make you a good player if you simply just suck. I would say that a large part of the reason of our problems losing game after game after game to become stuck at the bottom, is due to us using him as our centre back. Main centre back and captain at that. How many g
  15. Shouldn't defenders sit in their positions instead of rushing out chasing the ball with wild abandon and leaving a huge gap where they should be for opponents to exploit? It seems like in Richardson and Okore we have 2 defenders who do just that - always attracted to the ball and leaving the opponent forwards totally unmarked instead. Take this goal for example, what was Okore doing rushing all the way out to midfield but not being able to get the ball? He even ran beyond Sanchez and Arsenal simply passed the ball around him for the freedom to attack an open goal. Like how David Luiz
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