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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!


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My wife has a shitload of tattoos. Personally I like women that have tattoos. I appreciate some men don't like them on women. Each to their own.

Yeh but does your wife have random faces of dead celebrities on her arm

Wasn't she about 13 then, Jimmy?!

Ha, probably, but I was about the same age too so its awwwwwwwwwwwwrite~

Man I am going to have to google it now to see when the Goth Rosie Webster story line finished, then work her age out :rolleyes:

It appears as though Rosie Webster had her goth gimmick from around 2004 - 2007, ages 14-17

In 2004, the character tried carving herself an identity by going through a goth phase, dressing in black, wearing black make-up and dying her hair jet black. The storyline was part of Rosie's romance with Craig Harris, with both characters spending afternoons in Rosie's bedroom listening to a Dutch metal band called 'Stench of Death' and counting down the days to the apocalypse.

The character went through some personality changes in 2007, with her appearance becoming more glamorous and her behaviour became more manipulative and troublesome"

Yeaaaaaa \m/>____<\m/

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Ah, that time of year when another reality TV show appears, chock full of useless rocket polishers that I have no intention of watching on the idiot box.

The best quote I've heard so far at work is "that Helen Flanagan has a face I want to punch, pouting all the time like some princess"

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