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  1. 1. Well ?

    • I am a carnivore (omnivore)
    • I am a vegetarian
    • Me, I'm vegan

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Just a thought. I don't think we've ever had a break down of whether people in here are normies, veggies or vegan. I'm more interested in why someone wouldn't be a carnivore than the actual numbers.

Personally I subscribe to the motto "I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat grass".

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meat meat meat...........I am not a rabbit..................animals eat salad and green stuff....I eat animals......it's called the food chain......if I was meant to eat salad, god wouldnt have invented animals. I'm with you BOF!!!!!!

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How come there isn't a canibal option? :lol:

I'm an eat whatever I find kind of guy, couldn't live without meat though!

Omni is every - you're just a little more 'omni' than everyone else :)

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I'm a meat eater but do try to have a meat free day each week for no other reason than I think it does my body good.

I have no problem with people choosing the veggie/vegan path but not try and 'force it down my neck' excuse the pun.

It amazes me that they think that the planet could feed everyone on a veggie diet. There are enough starving people on the planet as it is.

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