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Why we play the way we do


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There has been a lot of dissent and dissatisfaction on this thread , all of it related to Mr McLeish,in an endevour to creat more understanding amongst us I will try to explain his tactics as best I can.Most of this discent comes about from a lack of understanding of Mr McLeish,s tactics,the trouble stems from the fact that Alex is a master tactician and because of this his tactics are far beyond the comprenshion of the average person.......Let me explain how they work.

Most of you will have noticed that when Alex first took over he played Nzgobia on the wing and left Albrighton on the bench leaving Steven Ireland to run the other wing.The way this tactic works is that it creates an uneven attack ( Nzgobia is far more advanced than Ireland ) and that makes for an uneven attack making it impossable for the defence to play a flat back 4 or to play the offside trap

Bent leading the attack but not recieving any passes.This is an easy tactic to play and we played it quite a lot.What this tactic does is throw the opposition defence into confusion,they are expecting Bent to get the ball and score with it.We don't pass the ball to Bent,so the defence is sucked in

Gabby on the wing.This is another tactic we use quite a lot, what it does is it gives Gabby a longer distance to run twards goal and this forces the opposition defenders to all run twords their right.This leaves a gap on their left that we can exploit.

Hesky leading the attack.Another well used tactic.How this tactic works is that it confuses the centre backs.They are expecting our centre forward to lead the attack from the front, but utlising Hesky"s pace he leads the attack from midfield and therefore draws their centre backs twords the half way line creating a big space at the back that we can exploit.

Chris Herd in defence with Steve Warnock on the bench.We used this tactic against Manchester City.Alex noticed that we lost 4-0 away to Man C, so in an attempt to rectify this we used the above tactic in the home game against Man C. By having Herd in defence and Warnock on the bench the City forwards were thrown into total confusion and dissaray.They did not know where our midfield ended and our defence started.This tactic worked as we only lost that game 0-1

385 corners without a goal.This is an easy tactic to master and I see that the lads have learnt it very well.How this tactic works is that when we get a corner we draw the opposition into the centre of their goal because they think we are going to score, and by not even trying to score we suck them in again

Defending a 1-0 lead.A lot of people are complaining about this tactic without understanding how it works.Take the Everton Vs Man U game this weekend ! 4-4 Now why was that ? Because neither team defended their lead, thereby letting the opposition in to score more goals.If the first team to score had defended their 1 goal lead they would surely have won the game.

The late substitution tactic.You will all no doubt remember that at home to Fulham we were leading 0-0 with only 15 minutes to go when Alex made 3 substitutions.The first was in the 75th minute and the last was in the 89th minute, this resulted in a goal and we went on to win the game 1-0. Alex noticed that in the recent Bolton game they were leading 1-2 and pressing for a third goal, so what did he do ? he used the late sub tactic and brought on Delfonso in the 88th minute and kept the score down,normally under these circumstances Nathan would have scored 2 goals and we would have won the match.

So as you can see its a complete fallacy that our manager does not know what he is doing.He is a Master Tactician who is ahead of his time.

Here are some tactics that you can expect to see next season.

We will get rid of Collins and Dunn and replace them with two really fat central defenders thereby forcing the opposition forwards to go around and making it easier for Given as he will only have to cover his near or far post.

Defending long throws will not be a problem next term.The long throw seems to really confuse other teams but using our advanced tactic it will be a problem no more, for us anyway. All we have to do to combat the long throw is get two tall players ( Leichja and Herd ) and get them to go by the sideline and jump up and down.

If any of you are finding these tactics too far advanced for you to understand then I would suggest the following.You know how army,navy and air force commanders use war games to sharpen up and practice their tactics ? Well you are in luck because there is a game that you can obtain to help you understand how these advanced tactics work, it is Snakes and Ladders and I assure you that Alex uses it all the time to sharpen up his tactics.

I hope that after reading this you have a better understanding of what Mr McLeish is trying to achieve with AVFC and will go on to back him all the way, because if we lose him then we have lost not only a man that understands football inside and out but a man that understands snakes and ladders as well.

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