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Des Lynam


Is tony a Villa fan??  

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  1. 1. Is tony a Villa fan??

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You idiot, the name "Villa" was brought up for the sake of a joke, a basic form of wordplay with regards the alternate dictionary meaning of the word, as in a fancy house. I hope you don't believe all the tongue in cheek headlines that show spouts out!

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hes a barcodes fan...

you can tell by the fact that hes a **** clearing in the woods....

He remembers watching Jackie Milburn playing I'll have you know!

The tale owes its origin to a Five Live interview with Mr Blair in 1997 which was written up by the Sunday Sun and then took on a life of its own. As Peter Oborne observes in his book The Rise of Political Lying, the story is now exhibit number one for the charge that Mr Blair tries to make his life story appear grittier than it really is. Unable to track down the full interview, Mr Oborne decided not to include it in his book. Now, though, BBC Newsnight's Adam Livingstone has unearthed the 1997 tape and Mr Oborne confirmed yesterday that it exonerates Mr Blair completely. Not only does he never refer to sitting at the Gallowgate end, but he says that he became a supporter "just after Jackie Milburn".

Just goes to show people will believe anything they read :shock:

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