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Scientific Experiment V2 #6 - MON(thly) Approval Ratings


Are you satisfied with MON as manager  

149 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you satisfied with MON as manager

    • Yes he's still the MON
    • No - we need something new

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Stealing an idea from the long lost and dearly lamented IainG (even if he couldn't spell his own name)

Quick one, no discussion needed. Based on current feelings only, should he stay or go?

Will repeat the poll on a weekly [edit]MONTHLY[/edit] basis until we get bored or he is replaced.

It really has been a month? Previous result here

And since then we've had:

DWWWWW (OK one was a League cup QF)

Poll open for 7 days.

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these were better with the "wait til the end of the season and see" option

Kinda defeats the object though doesn't it?

In order to get a balanced view, you need black or white options...with no room for fence-sitters.

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