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Scientific Experiment V2 #1


What to do with MON?  

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  1. 1. What to do with MON?

    • Keep him
    • Get rid

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Stealing an idea from the long lost and dearly lamented IainG (even if he couldn't spell his own name)

Quick one, no discussion needed. Based on current feelings only, should he stay or go?

Will repeat the poll on a weekly basis until we get bored or he is replaced.

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Keep him. I'm very much for long term stability. He can have a mediocre season this season and get away with it IMO. I believe he's building a very good team and I rate the players he buys. I wish he would be a bit more flexible tactically however.

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Good idea only if you make some fancy bar graphs to track the fickleness meter.
I'll refer that to BOF

This should be done after the window closes.
The point is to measure the feeling over time - so the transfer window is a point in time that will impact the results one guesses

I regret clicking on this one,It looked good based on the title.
Can't please all the customers all the time. Please come back next week.
please name one a manager that is.......

Back on topic......

Yes please stay on topic. Just vote and post the other stuff where it better fits - if that's not too rude. Ta.
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MON has taken us to two 6th finishes and for a period, we troubled the top 4

That was only a few months ago, how can we turn on him so quickly? Dont you guys remember the DOL era?

Most of the fans still are loving it,Its just people come on here to vent frustration and it looks bad for o`neill,I don`t think anyone in their right mind thinks he is anywhere near the sack yet.
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Dont you guys remember the DOL era?
And that's the lovely thing about football reinvention - we were doing this when DOL was the target - though i guess a few people have swapped chairs in the past couple of years. So Just votes - Stay or Go, westlife or girls aloud, F1 or nascar - Just vote.
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what a great idea.

if we win a game we can vote to keep him

if we lose we can vote to sack him

pointless poll

Good point well made. So let's just ignore it for now (though I hope you voted).

We just lost a tie (but won a game) so obviously the results are a little skewed. Another poll last week was looking towards 30% saying out. So at the moment we already have a shift in opinion - liverpool game +, warnock +, dunne + (for most people if it happens), wapid wienna -

So there are more than one thing other than the last result. Some people are drawing upon 3 years reflection of the manager, or their desired position in the footballing elite or the transfer spend that has produced a home defeat to wiggin.

I would guess, that people's opinons will move more slowly than you think, but maybe a consistent measure maybe useful - not now, but three weeks, three months hence.

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