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  1. Can't be offside. Defender deliberately played the ball.... just like mings
  2. This is a terrible thread besmirching a lovely lady who means a lot to me. Many years ago I took her cherry bakewell
  3. I don't like developing players for other clubs either but I'm not sure how choosy we can be. What I don't like is the clause I've heard that Liverpool insert in loan deals. If fit he would have to play or we pay some financial penalty. That would definitely limit developing our own.
  4. It was a nice try.... guess every one is too young. I'm afraid she's leaving home
  5. Put out 11 players and hope someone does something special...
  6. Looks like adomah is left wing back.... Tactical genius....
  7. Its one of the things that annoys me re scousers. Ive heard them in interviews saying how they took a simple musical song and added significance to it because of hillsborough. So they made it a song saying those who died walk with them. Fair enough you might think. But it was written in 1945 at the end of the 2nd world war. I think maybe it had that significance for quite a few families before scousers came along. Anti scouse rant over! And no you cant 'invent' an anthem... Tho i did like dlbia...
  8. But a vote to remain is not a vote for things to remain the same. It is a vote for greater european integration and EU expansion. The ultimate aim of the EU is to create a united states of europe. It was sold to us 40 years ago as simply a trading bloc and Ted Heath admitted in 1990 that was not the case. Let us hope that in 40 years time people are not looking at what has been created and saying that was not what they voted for
  9. And this concerns me. He is a financier. He moves money about and facilitates the buying of clubs by rich investors. So his work is done. Why does he need a seat on the board? Why does banfill? What are their credentials for successfully running a football club? I'm not accusing him of wrong doing, I just can't see what he gains from staying involved, other than a guaranteed income.
  10. I have a feeling that prices might be getting inflated by the premier league tv deal. Just read an article where watford are quoting £32m for troy deeney!!
  11. I hadn't thought of that scenario, I suppose it could backfire if that were the case... But he'd have to do pretty well in one year for that to happen so fingers crossed we do well out of this one. I believe with Alderweireld, compensation still had to be agreed to remove the right to buy clause, otherwise it is simply breach of contract, isn't it? And also, the player must have wanted to sign elsewhere. This is a potential problem for us as he could be tapped up to go elsewhere. I doubt the loan contract would include details of a permanent contract for the player, so he could always reject whatever we offer. I"m confusing myself now! We won't know until it happens, so lets hope he has a good season and leave the fall out and what ifs until then...
  12. Its been reported that he plays "along the back line", so right back would fit for us! And name as in Hilary??!
  13. And its not beyond the realms of possibility that we'll see that exact team put out at some time this season. Its a remarkable effort by the Manager when you think about it. I was thinking the same. Thought we could take other teams by surprise because they would expect us to be as shit as last year. Then I saw that a lot of teams have bought a lot of players too!
  14. SSN just doing the usual repeated stuff but have just mentioned the ilori link. Can't see why we'd be interested myself. At least they've moved away from de gea for a bit. and OT but who is this Dave Reed? and shouldn't he be at school?
  15. SSN still reporting Berbatov in the midlands as previously stated on here. Prrsumably he would be signing of last resort, hanging around to see if we get anyone else in. As a free agent, the transfer deadline doesn't apply, does it?
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