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EL: Rapid Vienna a 2009/08/20 Travel and Social


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This thread is to discuss travel to the game.

Please use this thread to arrange meetings. If there is a Rough Guide for this team, please remember to post some updates if you have any. limpid

:shock: I went Inter-Railing with a mate of mine a few years back and Vienna was one of our highlights... Okay it was a decade ago, we watched an Austria match in the large city-centre park during France '98.

"Tony Polster ist und fussbol got..." read a maniacal banner.

Check Out -

a) Prater Park (large ferris wheel, go-karting, dodgems etc - not sure there are any RAPIDs though...)

B) Stephenzplatz - St Stephens church - amazing architecture and the roof pattern is really nice.

c) Rathouse - kind of like the City Hall, Mayoral palace.

d) Lots of venues for classical music (home of the Strauss family) concerts.

e) selected art galleries.

f) Go boating on the Blue Danube.

Be aware though, it is an expensive city.

Stay away from anybody called 'Fritzl.'

Try a Wiener Schniztl (I thought it was a chicken burger).

Austria is fab - shame about the brief n*zi history. :shock:

Enjoy... 8)

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I think it's Schönbrunn Palace that is worth a look at. I was only about 8 when I went though.

From what I remember the ferris wheel is a smaller and frankly more dangerous and terrifying version of the London eye.

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