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  1. No, this is the first team who went to the US, not our reserves.
  2. To join the away scheme last season you had to be a season ticket holder.
  3. Split your train ticket as follows as it is cheaper (no need to change trains): New Street to Banbury day return Banbury to Reading day return
  4. Do a search for Vienna’s Bermuda Triangle. :)
  5. I currently sit in the Upper Holte and my season ticket is £415. I have changed my seat for next season to a value seat in the North Stand Upper for £325.
  6. I am going to the San Marino game as well so that we be at least two Villa fans then. I am also going to the Poland game as well.
  7. Anyone going? As no game on Saturday I am tempted. Come on you bears
  8. I just rang the same number and the woman said there wont be any 3xl or 4xl till 1/8/2012 Two people ask the same question and get two different answers. As it is a new kit launch, it should have been communicated to the shop staff what sizes they have and have not got. Also, I find it strange that the larger sizes are not in stock when Villa announced that the shirts will be available to purchase from tomorrow. 01/08/12 seems a long time to wait. :bonk:
  9. If you are a 48" size or more, you have to wait until 01/08/12.
  10. looks like the cheap season tickets are flying out the door. Please sir can we have some more.
  11. http://www.viagogo.co.uk/Exclusive-Tickets/Aston-Villa-Exclusive-Deals
  12. General, the "Ticket News" section on the official webpage needs to be updated. It details ticket information for the Man City v Villa game but not for the Wigan v Villa game which is a couple of weeks before. Also, I read on here that soon it will be possible to select an exact seat when booking tickets online. Do you know when this will go live?
  13. General, any news on this? It will be a lot better when you can select a seat. Cheers
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