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  1. jamesbuchanan

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Not quite. If they draw x2 and we win x2 then we would have the better GD. Still a long shot though.
  2. jamesbuchanan

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    1-1. Come on Forest.
  3. jamesbuchanan

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Probably because of this
  4. jamesbuchanan

    Relegation v4.0

    Somebody elses projections shared on Reddit. I don't know the details of their simulations, so it's dififcult to critique their approach, but it's really nicely laid out and a good illustration (imo) of the likely outcomes. Edit: link to comments and further details http://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/35liy9/statistical_premier_league_finish_projections/
  5. jamesbuchanan

    Pre-Match Thread, Waiting In The Wings!

    Gabby confirmed as missing the game (as per the post on his instagram account)
  6. jamesbuchanan


    If this was considered to be an issue by the various authorities, they would have already scheduled Arsenal for Saturday and Villa for Sunday. As they haven't, we can only assume that putting Villa on Saturday is their preferred option, but it depends on Arsenal not progressing tonight. Remember these are the same authorities that scheduled Villa-Baggies as an evening kickoff at the weekend. Anyway, as all three clubs who are through so far are putting tickets on sale tomorrow, I expect an announcement first thing in the morning at the latest.
  7. jamesbuchanan


    All the more reason to make it a Sat lunchtime kickoff then? Night out for Villa fans would then more likely be the night before, perhaps?
  8. jamesbuchanan


    Not always - Liverpool v Everton was a Sat lunchtime kickoff a couple of years ago. Plus an FA Cup semi final hasn't clashed with a big Chelsea home match before, at the same time on Saturday evening. I don't get the fuss about the Baggies fans in particular. There's no reason for them to be anywhere near Wembley. They'll be getting trains into central London while we're playing (assuming an early kickoff), and Villa fans will be heading home on a different train before their game has ended. Situation with Blues fans is broadly similar, although obviously they'll be closer.
  9. jamesbuchanan


    Either late tonight, or more likely, tomorrow, is my guess. They're waiting to see if Arsenal go through in the Champions League, because the two legs of the CL quarter final are either side of the FA Cup semi. If they go through, I would guess that they would play on the Saturday. If they don't, I would expect us to play on the Saturday, as they probably want the two teams with the least travelling to do to play on the Sunday. I don't think the Blues/Baggies games in London on the Saturday afternoon are as big a deal as some are making out. Given that Man United are playing at Chelsea on Saturday night, I would expect the first semi-final to be on Saturday lunchtime (with the second semi late afternoon on Sunday). So the travel plans of Villa/Baggies/Blues fans wouldn't coincide too much if we were playing on the Saturday.
  10. jamesbuchanan


    We've been told that it will be announced tonight, with tickets on sale on Wed (a month before the games). Bit of patience maybe?
  11. jamesbuchanan

    Jores Okore

    He's already made 3 starts and 1 sub appearence...
  12. jamesbuchanan

    Match Thread

    4-3-3 second half surely? Steer Hutton-Herd-Baker-Richardson Westwood-Gardner-El Ahmadi N'Zogbia-Bent-Weimann
  13. jamesbuchanan


    http://www.villatalk.com/index.php/topic/11419-24-hours-in-luxembourg/ Short answer: it's expensive and dull.
  14. jamesbuchanan

    $200 Million Takeover

    what the owner is ot in the takeover thread - lol have googled cant find anything that legally restricts randy's travel movements - not that I would expect to find details of his divorce settlement on line - as we know he is a very private man. pretty sure if Randy wanted to attend half a dozen home games a season - there is no law restricting him....where there is will there is a way It's entirely possible that, in light of his divorce, his family commitments became a lot more important to him. Certainly, his personal circumstances changed considerably following the first four years of his period in charge. Whatever we as fans think, family > business. Have a couple of links from a cursory google... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2080499/What-wrong-Villa-How-Randy-Lerners-dream-turning-nightmare.html http://www.clevescene.com/cleveland/the-custodian/Content?oid=2805785
  15. jamesbuchanan

    $200 Million Takeover

    Google it. Terms of gaining custody. Anyway this is OT. Back to the takeover.