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How many will we sign?


How many more?  

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Well the season is a mere 9 days away so can we expect a flurry of transfer activity at Villa Park?

Will we bring in Baros and a quality CB ?

Will we get a couple of squad fillers in the Camara and Stubbs mould (obviously not Stubbs himself coz he has gone to Sunderland but you know what I mean) ?

Will we get nobody ?

Could we get Saha on loan/permanently if Man USA sign Owen?

Will we be the team to bring Owen to the premiership (A guy can dream can't he) ?

I voted two. I think we might see Baros signing but its dragging on a little too long for my liking now. I don't think we have stopped transfer activity though and we will get a couple of squad fillers at the very least.

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I'm still (stupidly) optimistic we can grab two players before the tranfer window opens and possibly a 3rd (who'll go straight out on loan)

1) some unknown player call Baros??? anyone know anything about him?

2) A CB, possibly that Agger lad from Brondby

3) Fryatt from Walsall but will remain there for the season

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i honestky dont htink anyone else is coming for two reasons

1. dol would have wanted all his signings for pre-season and if no-else comes in before the dutch match, i am not optimistic.

2. dol and stride have gone quiet on the transfer front. extremly quiet

hopefully im proven wrong

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I think we'll get 2. Maybe not someone that we really want, but still 2. My hopes are Saha, if Oqen goes to Manure, and maybe this Jagielka-guy. There's another one I'd like to see in a Villa-shirt nameley Felix Da Ettien playing in Levante, if not already sold. He's a rella pacey and technical skilled defender. Real good from those games I've seen him playing. I'd be really excited if we sign him. He can play CD or a real offensive RB. But that's just wishes too. I've got plenty of those. :-S Still I think we'll get 2 more signings.

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You must bear in mind that HDE OBE is deeply in love with money. The Old Codger must be rubbing his hands in glee. Another transfer window nearly over without him having to spend a great deal of his (sorry the club's) money. Even better, he has got more lucre coming in this time than has gone out!

If we sign anybody else, it will come as an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

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I think the way that D'OL is bigging up the Phillips/Angel partnership we may not be getting a striker.

But saying that, there's been more smoke layed the last few weeks than in the entire Battle of the Atlantic.

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One. I am expecting to be dissappointed. Ive become increasingly dissillusioned this last season or so, the whole Vassell thing of late has really disgruntled me especially. If im proven wrong and we sign somebody who is going to change the club, then fair play, but if its one, and its of the ilk of who we have signed of late - say, if we signed Baros for example - then I wouldnt be over the moon, but not pissed off either.

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