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Da Bass Man  

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  1. 1. Da Bass Man

    • Ron Atkinson
    • Brian Little
    • John Gregory
    • Graham Taylor Mk2 Version ONLY
    • David O'Leary

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Its gotta be Big Ron!! :shock:

He had football within him and I really enjoyed his time at the manager post! Brian Little was too much into defensive display for my liking. He was good too of course..but not the same league as Ron Atkinson.

I liked John Gregory too...but mostly because of his attitude towards life and football. A funny guy that did much for Villa...but wont be noticed for that.

If given the same opportunity as the men above, David O´Leary will be a hero and a true Villa legend. Theres only one man in the way...and its sadly enough our chairman Doug Ellis.

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Big Ron.

Best Villa side ive seen, and in 92/93 (belive it or not young uns) we were actually "the entertainers" playing the most attractive football in the league.

Also put some silverware on the table, with a tactical masterclass, finding a way to beat a Manchester United side who were massively superior on a man to man basis.

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