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Freddy Mercury or Rob Halford?


Freddy or Rob?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Freddy or Rob?

    • Freddy
    • Rob
    • I was into Hazel Dean

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This is strange. According to the posts, the votes should be the opposite or at least Rob should have more votes than he has.

Anyway, I'm a pretty big Priest-fan too and in most polls Rob would've got my vote but of course this time. The only thing that Rob has that could edge it for him in this one is that he can sing so f**king high it's almost untrue. But as an entertainer and allround singer Freddie is of course the better and bigger one. Wonder if they ever met in the bed... :P

And Paul, please, it's Freddie, not Freddy. :nod: :wink:

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Rob Halford "came out" a couple of years ago.

For what it matters......

It was actually 10 years ago - how time flies............

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Theres just something so over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek about Priest and Halford that it makes me warm to them.

Saw them live years ago and Halford was a very, very good frontman.

So Halford for me.

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Never heard of Rob Halford so Freddy Mercury for me


And I thought you Scandos were heavy metal mad!

Have to admit that I were a bit surprised by this too. Oh, those youngsters... ;)

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