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Doug's Valuation Of Villa


How Much Does Doug Value Aston Villa At?  

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  1. 1. How Much Does Doug Value Aston Villa At?

    • £20m-£40m
    • £40m-£60m
    • £60m-£80m
    • £80m+
    • Priceless (He said he'd leave in a box)

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So with Ranson alledgedly thinking about a bid I thought we'd ask the question how much would Doug sell for? Although Richard offered £5,000 in another thread I've started at £20 million because thats roughly as low as the value has fallen in the past

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A triple heart bypass for a man in his eighties is a very serious operation, even for somebody who invented the bicycle kick.

I think this health scare may change Doug's attitude to life completely and that he may see the need to slow down and hand over the reins at Villa Park.

Well, I hope so anyway.

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I am certain he will take £60m

Which means offering £5.24 for the shares :? Hmmm. I hope he accepts the rumoured £4.00 on offer !

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From ic Birmingham

Ranson ready to make Ellis an offer Jun 28 2005

By James Nursey

Ray Ranson plans to capitalise on Doug Ellis's recent health scare by persuading Aston Villa's 81-yearold-chairman to sell his 38 per cent stake in the club.

Ranson, who played for Birmingham City before becoming a successful businessman, has not given up on his aspirations to buy Villa despite having a £33 million bid for the club rejected by Ellis 14 months ago.

However, with Ellis recuperating in hospital following a triple heart bypass operation, Ranson believes Villa's chairman may finally be willing to relinquish his stranglehold on the club by accepting a £45 million bid for the club.

Due to stock market regulations, Ranson is not allowed to make his intentions public but last night a source close to the businessman outlined his position.

The source said: "Mr Ranson has always been open about his potential interest in making an offer for Aston Villa and he is continuing to consider all options in this regard. There can be no assurance that any offer will be made but he has been watching developments closely at the club recently.

"Doug Ellis's problems have been well-documented and the feeling is his stance towards a new offer may have softened."

In Ellis's absence, the Villa board will discuss Ranson's latest offer if, as expected, they formally receive a bid in the next week.

Ellis values Villa at £60 million but it is understood the remainder of the board would listen to Ranson's proposals.

If the directors, who include Ellis's son Peter, agree that Ranson's offer benefited shareholders, they would recommend Villa be sold. But the decision would still be down to Ellis, who has run the club since 1968 when it was on the edge of bankruptcy.

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I don't think so LV. I've only ever heard Ellis talking about the value of the club, not the value of his share in it. You are right that him valuing the club @ 60 would mean getting 34% of that for himself. Not a bad day at the office !!

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Good to see the Meaning Evils website still peddling the odd half truth

Sure isn't it harder to spot the lies when you sprinkle them with a little truth :)

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