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Aston Villa literature


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1 hour ago, Mr.Messy said:

Any recommendations for good books worth reading that are AVFC related? I'm not especially interested the old history stuff but more so biographies from more recent times.

The autobiographies of both God and Paul Merson are very good reads. 

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I’d recommend “The Weir And The Wonderful”. It’s more a coffee table book, but is a great collection of photographs taken by Terry Weir from 1970 until he retired as the official club photographer in 1998. A real trip down memory lane for those of us who grew up with Villa in the 70s and onwards. There are also brief descriptions of who and what the pictures were showing and their context. 

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The two Paul Merson books look good and will need added to the collection.

As confirmed, John Gregory - The Boss and Paul McGrath books are cracking reads.

Other good ones I have that I recommend are:

Brian Little - Return of the Little Villan.


Ron Atkinson - A different ball game



As of yet, I have not got round to purchasing his new one Ron Atkinson - The Manager, as with Brian Little's new one but both on my shopping list along with Graham Taylor's autobiography and Ron Saunders; Odd man out.


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On 15/02/2019 at 17:39, choffer said:

Found this while having a bit of a tidy-up today. Not in the best condition but given it's nearly 60 years old, that's probably not surprising.




Evening chap,

could you check if there is anything referencing this event in that book? Not sure if the picture is directly tied to it.






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