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  1. Really close call here as well. Did everything well in a 'proper' No.6 role. Still Jack though, just.
  2. Evening chap, could you check if there is anything referencing this event in that book? Not sure if the picture is directly tied to it. Cheers.
  3. Very true. However, I’m back in the game. SamisNotdead. Feel free to boost me. Also,still got my inappropriately name lock Tnuc....
  4. Any 'get a mate to resub ' deals on at mo? :-)
  5. Am tempted to resub for a month. Just to see if Samisdead is really dead..
  6. Ah E.R.N.I.E - fairly sure I have some somewhere - I could be rich !
  7. red5

    Classic Ads on TV

    Still used now when appropriate. Wonder how many people ( young ones...!) understand the origin.
  8. red5

    Classic Ads on TV

    Chap I work with's surname is Hartley. Guess his nickname...
  9. Cheers, I'll try that.
  10. Evening all, whilst having a bit of a clear out I came across these in the loft. No idea if they are relevant, genuine or even Villa related, hence the post. This - And this -
  11. I am still around - got a bit on atm, and coming back at end of expansion seems to be a no-no for anything really..
  12. Shhhhhhh - no-ones noticed......although I have seen a really cool looking shadowpriest around....
  13. Afternoon Sie.... I can't remember the last time I played tbh. Am slightly tempted - was talking to Limpid this morning and he mentioned the Thread of Win™ and here I find myself... Riss - still got that picture of you hiding behind the tree and Dan stealthed ? :-)
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