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  1. red5


    Du du du-du...
  2. red5


  3. Logged on last night. Meh. Classic for me - long-haul ftw. It had a different type of player - which was half the experience. Dashers ftw
  4. Silithus and AQ40 - remember the server event? Gates of AQ or similar?
  5. What was the FP we used to camp -Risso(k) hiding behind a tree....used to be able to knock Alliance off the eagles iirc. -
  6. I don't know what you mean. And I'm not a proper priest either.
  7. From the front row of the upper...
  8. Really close call here as well. Did everything well in a 'proper' No.6 role. Still Jack though, just.
  9. Evening chap, could you check if there is anything referencing this event in that book? Not sure if the picture is directly tied to it. Cheers.
  10. Very true. However, I’m back in the game. SamisNotdead. Feel free to boost me. Also,still got my inappropriately name lock Tnuc....
  11. Any 'get a mate to resub ' deals on at mo? :-)
  12. Am tempted to resub for a month. Just to see if Samisdead is really dead..

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