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  1. Just seen that he was born in my home town, Torquay. Like this guy even more now.
  2. This deal sure is flounder-ing.
  3. This transfer has been floundering for too long now. I will be breaming when it is completed. AVFC should be koi and flex there financial mussels and offer a few more squid, we can finally them snapper him up.
  4. mirror image, unless that is an e not a 9 on his shirt.
  5. Southgate won't play him. He will be made to look stupid if Jack shines.
  6. No speculation tag on this thread, done deal.
  7. I camembert the thought of this.
  8. Can't blame the kid for taking his time in making the right decision for himself and his career.
  9. Ive skipped the past ten pages due to fish puns. What has happened? Or is this just another fish pun?
  10. Yes I would have thought so. Even before medicals etc...
  11. Villa always seem to win when I dont watch them. I have Sky but not BT sport. Maybe I should watch the Watford game instead.
  12. Meh! I'm with Virgin that uses EE network. This doesn't work for me If only there was some way of watching this game on the Internet
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