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  1. so I realised I don't know anything about PL football anymore, so I've picked a team of players who used to but no longer play for Aston Villa: Nyland, Kalinic Young, Walker, Delph, Stevens, Bertrand Westwood, Albrighton, Robinson, Traore, Snodgrass Benteke, Ayew, Abraham Not going to lie, it is a bit shit.
  2. l like JK... For that first season, his exotic name, good international appearances and that he seems like a good guy for morale. Keep as backup to Wesley, give him frequent minutes off the bench to see what he can do until January, then reassess. He deserves his shot in the big league.
  3. Nothing wrong with Jack Woodward, didn't he commentate a few games on Quest last season, thought he did a good job, love his witticism.
  4. Sorry, not for me these. Quite like the training gear tho, especially the polos.
  5. I won't have a problem of he is performing well.
  6. Mr.Messy

    Ørjan Nyland

    I always thought he was decent, not amazing but good enough for where we are. I'd have him no.2 behind Steer. Never understood the abuse he got at times.
  7. Have I missed something? Has he signed now?
  8. I have no mammary of them doing that before.
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