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  1. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    IIRC initial results under Bruce where fantastic and on that form a playoff spot looked likely. Then it all went a bit meh. Just need to re-kindle and sustain that 2pt/game form.
  2. John Terry

    LOL I still cant figure whats more likely! 7 in 11 or 10 in 13 Also If you bet £50 at 4-1 your winnings will x4 your stake (£200)
  3. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    What about the other team (villas opponents) will their supporters not be able to still watch the games?
  4. Jordan Amavi

    Disagree. Having a good back up in each position is exactly what is needed. It should up to Green to win his place back. Thus making both players try harder to either retain of win the place in the first XI. As Amazi can play either left wing or back makes him more of an asset.
  5. U23 Development League 2016/2017

    Why is Joleon Lescott in this list?
  6. Andre Green

    Must now start 80% of the home games now. Off the bench away.
  7. Pre match chat

    4-4-2 Diamond for me: Johnstone Bree Chester Baker Amazi Jedinak Lansbury Hourihane Grealish Hogan Kodjia
  8. Sam Johnstone

    I'm not sure it is always beer in the cup being thrown.
  9. Ross McCormack

    I not a £12m 'assest' to my boss.
  10. January 2017 transfer window

    McCormack to Fulham?
  11. January 2017 transfer window

    Why do we want another striker? Even without McCormack & RHM we still have Kodjia, Ayew, Agbonlahorn & Davis. Actually don't answer that... I see now.
  12. Jack Grealish

    Ermmm like AV?
  13. Squad / Team - how do you see it?

    On this day in history I see the 1st XI to be something like this: Johnstone Hutton - Chester - Baker - Amazi Jedinak Adomah - Landsbury - Green Grealish McCormack Or... Johnstone Chester - Elphick - Baker Jedinak Bacuna - Lansbury - Gardner - Amazi Grealish McCormack
  14. Ashley Westwood

    Do you feel better now?