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  1. Mr.Messy

    Keinan Davis

    There is an I in Kodjia, but none in team.
  2. The price has already been slashed by 20%, probably because they only have XL sizes left in stock.
  3. Maybe... but Grealish came straight back into the XI after injury. I agree tho put him on the bench vs Blackburn in the hope of giving him 20- 30mins.
  4. well that has **** it win this and everything will seem so much better
  5. Dean Smith himself certainly felt that the officials where sub standard in his post match interview on Sky. Not for the first time either.
  6. Yesterdays terrible officiating has again reinforced my feeling that referees in this division are generally poor, ever since relegation to me it seems that we are aways debating crap official decisions against us. I decided as a guage to consult the oracle that is the match reaction thread poles (see results below) to see if there is any legitimacy to my paranoia/suspicions in respect to opinion on refereeing performance. It would seem that overall we collectively share the same view or maybe Aston Villa fans are just a bit negative? Is this just football? Not since the first game has the majority scored the referees performance higher than average. Hull a 48% good Wigan h 42% poor Ipswich a 36% poor Brentford h 55% very poor Reading h 36% poor Sheff Utd a 57% average Blackburn a 42% poor Rotherham h 48% average Sheff Wed h 39% average Bristol C a 65% average Preston h 43% very poor Millwall a 40% poor Swansea h 41% average Norwich a 56% average QPR a 48% average Bolton h 42% average Derby a 45% average Birm Cty h 46% average Nott For h 50 % average Middlesbrough a 43% average WBA a 77% very poor Stoke h 56% average Leeds h 39% poor Swansea a 65% average Preston a 42% poor QPR h 48% very poor Wigan a 51% average Hull h 58% average Ipswich h 52% average Reading a 40% poor Sheff Utd h 81% very poor I do sometimes feel for referees having to make a fair judgement on something that hppens in an instant, when everyone else gets to the benefit of a full post mortem with replays and slo-mo. Time for VAR in the Championship? I think so. I personally feel there is some conspiracy against the mighty Aston Villa in the Championship, after all everyone likes to see the underdog win.
  7. anything from the Lerner era?
  8. thanks, think i'll give that Paul McGrath one a go
  9. Any recommendations for good books worth reading that are AVFC related? I'm not especially interested the old history stuff but more so biographies from more recent times.
  10. I absolutely want promotion but I think I'm actually enjoying the football in the Championship more than I ever have so I wont be too disappointed with another year in the 2nd tier.
  11. Mr.Messy

    Alan Hutton

    'giving it your best' is the minimum id expect from every player, coach, manager, tea lady etc. Thanks Alan but it is time to be upgraded.
  12. Mr.Messy

    Ørjan Nyland

    It is not like keepers spend the game running around, why would they need to be rested? I like a good conspiracy tho.
  13. why was Amavi sold always thought he was the left back we always needed. Was Taylor brought in as his replacement?
  14. red button game is mixed up with QPR vs Ipswich. set to record correctly but showing the wrong game. switched over to the QPR game and it is Villa.
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