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  1. Mr.Messy

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I absolutely want promotion but I think I'm actually enjoying the football in the Championship more than I ever have so I wont be too disappointed with another year in the 2nd tier.
  2. Mr.Messy

    Alan Hutton

    'giving it your best' is the minimum id expect from every player, coach, manager, tea lady etc. Thanks Alan but it is time to be upgraded.
  3. Mr.Messy

    Ørjan Nyland

    It is not like keepers spend the game running around, why would they need to be rested? I like a good conspiracy tho.
  4. Mr.Messy

    Neil Taylor

    why was Amavi sold always thought he was the left back we always needed. Was Taylor brought in as his replacement?
  5. Mr.Messy

    Match Thread: Swansea v Villa

    red button game is mixed up with QPR vs Ipswich. set to record correctly but showing the wrong game. switched over to the QPR game and it is Villa.
  6. Mr.Messy

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Id say they where unlucky to have not scored more.
  7. Mr.Messy

    James Chester

    OH FFS! This news has ruined morning. ? Of those 3 I’d choose Bree. Jedi on the bench.
  8. Mr.Messy

    James Collins

    I think I'd prefer Jedi as 3rd choice CB currently. Don't need Collins now or in the future for me, but if he wants to hang around and train to get hinself fit and get a contract sonewhere else I'm all for that.
  9. Mr.Messy

    Villa and FFP

    So now there is s precedent Birmingham tourist board can sponser AVFC £1billon euros. Seems like good value to me.
  10. Mr.Messy

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    What better way to catch the leaders than play them and take all 3 points? "bring 'em on" I say. Assuming a win of course, lose against a team above and one falls further behind.
  11. Mr.Messy

    Micah Richards

    apart from the game what have we got to lose by playing him? ?
  12. can one play week in and the other week out? dont see how we're going to shift either of them on to tbh.