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Pre-Match Thread


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5 minutes ago, sidcow said:

It seems Bruce really thinks Samba is the answer (I am assuming he's not playing 2 up front!) 

I know Elphick wasn't good last season but Samba looks a total liability to me.  Added to which a big unit like him who is ageing and not played much football will inevitably get injured again. 

Elphick must be truly finished here if he can't even make the bench. Should have been given a free in the summer. 

He is well and truly done after the way he carried on against Boro in the league cup.

Looked about a stone overweight too.

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6 minutes ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

In a odd kind of way I think Hogan being injured actually does Bruce a favour. Lets face it it's almost been like playing with 10 men on the pitch when he plays. 

Agreed. He has to go one up top and be more creative with his midfielders. May not be a bad thing, at least we shouldn't be dominated by anyone in the middle for a while. 

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25 minutes ago, Demitri_C said:

Great another injury with Elmo it seems. Despite the injuries our bench still has attacking talent. Good to see Lansbury back to. Think he could play further forward he thrived there at forest

Really good to see Lansbury back, I think he is a very good all round player. It perhaps suits him better to play further up the field, but I think he can do a good job as a regular CM too, as long as the team isn't set up to sit back and defend. 

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