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  1. That was a terrific header! I must admit I was so nervous I almost wet my pants when I saw he would play in the sweeper role, but he coped well, and has written himself into the history books with that goal. Not many at Villa get the winner against Man U away.
  2. I wonder what it was he said to Ronaldo before the penalty?
  3. I'm very impressed with his imrpovement, he is very comfortable on the ball and is a great passer. What i want him to improve now is his defensive work. He runs back and follows his man, but he doesn't show the urgency that McGinn and Luiz has, they sprint back to recover the ball, whereas Ramsey runs. At one time he lost the ball and jogged back, Watkins was the one who sprinted back. Perhaps he is told to be a bit more attacking minded than McGinn, but if so I'd rather see we played Buendia in his position.
  4. That was amazing and shows what a class player he is!
  5. If Cash and Ramsey had been a bit more cool and looked up when they went for the shot and instead passed Ings who were in a better position on both occations he would surly have scored two goals last game.
  6. Today he was better than Watkins, more involved and looked hungrier, showed some sublime skill on the ball at times as well. His best game so far imo. Still dont see him and Watkins clicking quite yet, but hopefully it will come. I get the feeling they are a bit too similar and want to make the same runs.
  7. Up until the goal I thought we looked a bit static, front two not getting much quality to work on. If we play three at the back and three grafters in midfield compared to when we have two CB and two CM then we simply will have two less creative players. Thought it was a bit odd to see 90M of attacking talent on the bench in Buendia, Bailey and Traore and was asking where they are ment to fit in if we play this 5-3-2. Although, if we see it more as a 3-1-4-2, then Bailey can play on the left as he did when he came on, and Buendia can play instead of Ramsey. That would give us more creativity and would feed the front two better. Would love to see Traore on the right as well, but that would probably be a bit too attacking. Still not fully convinced playing with two up top, still think 4-3-3 is the most dynamic and best formation for us, but it's good to have the 5-3-2 to stiffle the better teams, and easily adjust it to a 3-1-4-2 with Buendia, Traore and Bailey all playing.
  8. Having Bailey as a wing back would makes us such a threat! Not sure how good he is defensively for that, but would be a tempting option. Perhaps we can tease him with the opportunity to make more or those nutmegs near our own corner flag :- D
  9. So instead of jumping at provocative comments or discussing Chelsea players - where do we think Bailey best fits in if we play the formation we played yesterday?
  10. If we play the formation we did yesterday, where does our new superstar in the making Bailey fit in?
  11. Loved that Alonso nutmeg so much, also that it was in our own half he sure has got balls, and confidence and speed and technique. You could see Buendia as replacement for Barkley, Ings for Wesley (or for Wilson that we didn't get last summer) and then Baily a like for like replacement for Grealish. The glimpses Baily has showed in his two short cameos suggests that he could be as good as Jack for the team.
  12. The 5-3-2 worked really well for us, they way we set up to press Chelsea was like a 3-3-4 almost and it worked really well, they managed to slip out of our press once in the first half and scored. It was a very smart and intricate set up I must say, Tuanzebe as a sweeper, Konsa and Mings coming quite high up the pitch on each side of him, Douggie the anchor who controlled the space between defence and midfield, Targett and Cash blocking the wings and then McGinn and Ramsey playing a very high press, almost like a front four, where Watkins and Ings had quite wide positions to block their possibility to play it out trough the full backs. It almost looked like a game of chess where we had managed to put out our chess pieces in a way that blocked and stiffled them. The risky thing is if they manage to get through the press, which they did for the goal for example. I hope we play this way against the 4 top clubs, but 4-3-3 against the others, I can't really see where Buendia, Baily and Traore fits in if we play this formation we played against Chelsea.
  13. I don't think any of the goals were mistakes, and he didn't have much to do except the goals so stats-wise it look a bit worse than it was. But at the same time a good PL keeper could have saved the first two. I think he is a good Chapionship standars keeper, and we need a good PL standard keeper as our no 2.
  14. Can't deny anymore that he is prone to making an error, and it's just that kind of under hit pass that he has made several times now.
  15. There were a lot of positives to take from today's game, Ings was not one of those, Watkins brought so much more to the team and sadly we couldn't see hardly anything of a connection between them. He put in an ok shift with the pressing, but not much else. Thought it looked like he was carrying a bit of weight?
  16. Very very promising! I've said before that I couldn't see what he brings really, today he proved what he brings, that was a top calss box to box midfielder performance, he has bulked up a bit and starts to look like a real player.
  17. Not a concidence that his good form corresponds to him being played in his best position, that is the anchor in a three man midfield, he very much comes to his best in that position.
  18. But don't we need our back up keeper to be PL standard? The games he plays are equally important as the other games.
  19. Super performance in the first half, we are on top of them and very unlucky to be a goal down. Very promising!
  20. If someone had doubts about his defensive qualities, look at how he won the ball back at a couple of occations when Havertz got the ball in dangerous positions when they hit us on the break. Super player, and so good in this anchor position.
  21. Didn't we play three at the back a couple of games after that, then quite rightly so imo changed back to 4-3-3 as three at the back often makes us to static. I'm not much against playing it away against the very best teams though.
  22. I would have loved to see Olise and Edouard in a Villa shirt, can be real bargains those signings.
  23. I'm surprised that we haven't signed a midfielder, if we are ging to play two holind midfielders we only have Luiz who is good enough in that role. mcGinns brings a lot to the team but I get nervous when he receives the ball in our own half, his feet aren't quick enough. Nakamba is a good destroyer but not a good enough passer for a top halv team, Ramsey is still young, he seems to have the feet for it but unsure if he is good enough defensively. Sanson I think is sutied to a more attacking mf or box to box role. Hourihane has left and Chuck is an attacking mf. Our pursue of JWP shows we have clearly identidfied that position as one we need to strenghten. Many teams need cash is in the post/late pandemic market, and apparently we had enough to bid for JWP. One day left to pull a rabbit out of the hat and bring in the mf we need!
  24. I thought he was superb against Brentford, he is like a copy of Konsa in the way he reads the game, is calm and composed. Such a huge gap in class between him and Hause. A very good signing by us, we have very much improved on our defence, which imo was vital. I would like one more CB, but having 3 of high quality is really good.
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