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Calzaghe-Kessler, Fight Fight Fight Fight!


Who'll win  

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  1. 1. Who'll win

    • Kessler
    • Calzaghe

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I can't vote in this as I'm extremely biased with my hatred of Calzaghe. One of the most paper-thin resumes in the history of the sport, champion for 10 years and only ever taken 1 risky fight. Paper champion with a joke belt.

I hope Kessler takes his head off, but I doubt he will - Calzaghe doesn't do 'risk', he's avoided every challenge at every corner in his career. He says he'll retire inside 12 months, good **** riddance.

The defining moment of Calslappys career for me was after he beat Will 'Kid Fire' McIntyre on the Tyson-Neilsen undercard - McIntyre was a **** bum who should never have been given a title shot, even a WBO title shot, yet Calzaghe acted like he'd just beaten Ray Robinson to hear him talk in the post fight interview, claimed he was the best fighter on the planet and that Jones and Hopkins were scared to fight him :roll:

He then challenged Glen Johnson to a fight and used all his usual shit....we must fight in Wales, you must take only 10% of the purse etc etc....and what do you know Johnson agreed to it!! That **** Joe up big time so he pulled out....not once but TWICE, claiming divorce problems, and then a bad back. His back healed quickly enough to take on the next mandatory bum the WBO gave him though, surprise surprise.

Johnson was the guy that Hopkins (who Joe said was scared of him) absolutely **** butchered, by the way.

It's fighters like Calzaghe that are ruining the sport, the sooner he's gone the better - and he can take Frank Warren with him.

Rant over.

Actually no it's not. One last interesting fact - the WBO are the only boxing organisation to ever elevate a fighter in the rankings after he'd died. That just about sums up the importance of holding their belt for 10 years. I'm sure the morons commentating tomorrow will bang on about 20 defences, Joe Louis, Marvin Hagler, Bernard Hopkins etc etc. Smoke and mirrors chaps, smoke and mirrors.

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I havent a clue as I know nowt about either of them........but I await Witton_Lane's comment with interest.......;-)

You've got em mate.....very biased I know!!

Don't bother watching, it's insignificant. Watch Hatton V Mayweather by all means, shame Calslappy hasn't got Rickys balls.

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Just Setanta I think Nigel. I'm thinking of signing up just for this to be honest? Can I just do it month by month, for a tenner a time?

OK, I'll bite...Yes Rev, the 'taffs' are very proud of Joe. As are most British sports fans I know. Same as they were of Lennox Lewis, and are of Kevin Pietersen, and any other world class sportsmen i.e. NOT Rusedski who choose to represent their country, adopted or otherwise. Not that adopted applies to Calzaghe of course - he has just as much Welsh heritage as Italian. Makes no odds where he was born.

And anyway, you tell him to his face that he's not Welsh :D:wave:

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Joe Calzaghe to win this for me. Not going to be watching it as it's Setanta, and unless you can order the specific fight like Box Office, i won't be signing up. I'm glad the Hatton Vs Mayweather fight is on Box Office!

Does Calzaghe ever fight outside of Wales? Would have thought at this stage of his career, he'd be looking to get himself over to the states to get his fights on. Maybe a fight against Jermaine Taylor next in the states should he win this? Mind you, Taylor got beat recently didnt he?

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Does Calzaghe ever fight outside of Wales?

More than half of his fights have been outside of Wales yeah, but even the biggest Joe fan has to concede that he doesn't exactly like to travel if he can help it!

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There is no contract Santa, you can join up for just a month!

I think I might have to then. Are the Villa on there in the next month? That would be a bit of a bonus :nod:

EDIT: Just checked, and the Arsenal game is on there on December 1st. A month from today. That's sealed it then. What a media sucker I am!

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