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2015 Africa Cup of Nations


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Tunisia are quite rightly refusing to apologise and therefore looks like they will be banned until taking part in ACON until 2017. At last a team with some balls.

How you can ask a team for an apology whilst simultaneously banning the very ref they're complaining about for 6 months is beyond me. Yes I know the reasons for the ban and for the complaints are slightly different, but it's still a bit rich on the part of the AFC.

Unfortunately this Cup of Nations, from what I've seen, has played up to all the old stereotypes of African football. It has been a hilarious disaster of corruption, naive but entertaining football, terrible terrible refereeing, crowd trouble through lackadaisical security and it has done nothing to enhance the reputation of that continent in any way, shape or form. It has taken a step back. The only constant is that you could probably have predicted the 2 finalists.

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