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Commonwealth Games


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Glasgow- gets the Commonwealth Games

Edinburgh- has already hosted two

Cardiff-has hosted one

Manchester- bid for the Olympics heavily supported by the government. Fails but gets the Commonwealth & Man City get a free stadium

London- Three Olympics hosted & West Ham get a free stadium


Birmingham.........- bids for Olympics with no backing from government and gets sweet FA.


No wonder they always say Brummies are depressed.


To be honest, there was no way Brum was going to win the Olympics.  It would have been a bid lost before it begun.  Nothing to be depressed about.  The Olympics was out of our league.  The question of whether we should get something like the Commonwealth though - when it comes back to the UK it seems the fair choice, assuming we want it of course. 


Yes.... but the only thing is that Birmingham City would get a nice new 45,000 stadium in all probability if that ever did happen. But as Birmingham couldn't even get the UK city of culture (Londonderry anyone?) then I wouldn't get too excited just yet.




Just to throw my tuppence' in on this one. Firstly  Birmingham was never going to get the Olympics.   Manchester was never going to get it either, and after the shitshow which was Atlanta 96 no city which isn't a megacity will get it any time soon. 


I think Brum could host the Commonwealth games if it wanted to, but it's deciding to spend it's money on the "big city plan" instead.   I've said it several times on this forum so I apologise for repeating myself but the rebuilding of Birmingham over the past 15-20 years has been quite incredible, large parts of the centre have changed beyond all recognition and always for the better. I'd rather have that than a couple of weeks of running followed by seeing the Pigdogs get a free stadium. 


Finally the city of culture isn't decided on merit. It's a crutch given to cities which need a bit of help with their image. You don't win it, you are awarded it. Exhibit A is Hull. 

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Drop a Monty Python reference then ruin it by telling everybody you have just dropped a Monty Python reference.  Well done Hazel, you were cool for about half a second then. 

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