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  1. Erik Lindmark 46 ,guitarist with deeds of flesh.
  2. talk to tony bartons family,a real villa man
  3. next to my immediate family the most important person in my life growing up.the screen saver on my phone and laptop is ron on the town hall balcony holding the championship trophy smiling.
  4. my dad had one of these.the car after this was a Vauxhall victor.it was light blue and had one long front seat,every time we went round a corner i'd slide along it.the gear stick was on the stearing column,loved it.
  5. fosters(clothes shop not the aussie lager)
  6. weird thinking back now that we didn't have a phone in the house till the late 70's.we used to go to the house opposite to make/receive calls like a lot of people in the road did.in the road I lived on there were 100+ houses and we were one of the few with a car.
  7. bar-fred zeppelin,bear tavern nightclub-the scorpians at Edwards on john bright st 1980's outdoor-slade monmore green greyhound stadium 1981 arena-metallica genting arena 2017 stadium-queen Wembley 86
  8. great player and man.i will always remember big rons 1st game at sheff wed when big cyrille scored the winner in front of our end.my mom met him once and he was a true gentleman.
  9. ex Newcastle united chairman Freddie shepherd 76.
  10. Barcelona in 78 was great as cruyff was my hero but the Liverpool 5-1 game in 76-77 season was outstanding.all the goals in the 1st half and playing the best team in Europe at the time off the park.a night game as well which made it perfect as they always seemed to have the best atmosphere for me somehow.1-0 against albion in 81 was another for me.not the best game but when the goal went in you could hear the cheer for miles.
  11. the new clubcards do work.you use it as you use a contactless debit/credit card.
  12. losing 1-0 to an atleti team short of their stars.man they can't defend and their goalkeepers are pish.
  13. Katie Hopkins rushed to hospital. part of me feels bad about smiling at this but the other part of me thinks
  14. lead vocals - ian gillan rhythm guitar - john lennon lead guitar - gary moore bass - phil lynot drums - cozy powell
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