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Arsenal Fans - shhhhh


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At the game tonight I kept hearing this noise that sounded like someone had opened a big steam vent or something. Kept going shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I assumed because the Villa fans were pretty quiet I thought they were comparing Villa Park to a library.


Then it dawned on me, don't Arsenal have something with Spurs about gas chambers or something? Someone please tell me that's not what it was?

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I think its just something Arsenal fans do to mock home support. I went to Derby versus Arsenal at Pride Park years ago and they were doing it then. They'd all go shhhhhhhh and when the ground fell into silence start laughing.

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See what fans of other clubs don't realise is that Villa fans are the finest in the land. 


Let me tell you why. We are a shit club. Not really shit, but generally we get beat by the teams we're supposed to get beat by and rarely cause any sort of excitement for the fans. 


We haven't played anything approaching attractive football for absolutely years, decades even.Even though they are mostly shit, the likes of your Newcastles and Spurs put together an entertaining team now and then. .


We 'nearly' do well on occasion, but don't really have much to brag about. I mean, we can brag about the European cup, but even tinpot Chelsea have won that now. We humour fans of successful clubs, who think they know more about football because their club are successful. We know what it is really about. Oh yes.


Pain and suffering.


Feeling like you've wasted your time and money, repeatedly.


Whatever a rival fan can say about our club, we say much, much worse. It's like being a victim of domestic abuse. We know deep down that we absolutely love our club, and yet they beat us repeatedly with a belt and tell us that we're ugly. We always come crawling back though. 


We know what football is really like and we...love it?


100% spot on.

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