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Ian Hollway new Millwall manager.


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Andy, when you next do fixtures, can you do it 'old style' just for me? It is my birthday next week and it would mean so much.

Thank you.


Why does he not reply....?


So mysterious  :wub:

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A few years ago my little local club played Millwall in a pre sesason friendly, being quite close to Cardiff and having no fan segregation the police suggested two things that the club had to do for it to go ahead.

  • no away fans to be allowed
  • no pre match publicity

This was agreed and the game allowed to go ahead. It was a great success, all the locals knew the game was happening so we had a good turn out, plus Millwall brought a total of around 250 freelance sports journalists, most of them in their mid twenties and sporting those lovely little burberry hats.


I'd have to say, the club and the journalist were a class act on that particular day and we raised a fair bit for charity.

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