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Play football at Villa Park


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I hope this will be of interest to some VillaTalk members. 
I am organising a 5 team round robin 11-a-side tournament at Villa Park on Tuesday 6th May (9am – 2pm). Matches will be played on the full playing surface.  
Each team will play 4 x 25 minute matches and to keep the games flowing and to enhance the experience there will be no half-times and no off-sides. We will have use of the dressing room facilities and teams will line-up in the tunnel prior to their first match. There will be a cup/trophies to the winners & runner-up.  
The price is £125 +vat per person and a deposit of £50 pp is required as soon as possible please to secure the booking with the club. 
Please message me if you are interested or you can contact me at jeff@footballforfans.co.uk
I hope the event will be of interest to you

More information here


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Well up for this - £125 each?? I know we are playing on the holy surface so fair enough, just seems a bit steep for a footy comp.


I fully accept it isn't what you can call cheap villan but it is very expensive to hire the stadium. I may be proved wrong but I would think this is one of the cheapest ways to have a play on the pitch experience ie playing 11-a-side on the full playing surface. I had just better clarify that it is £125 +vat pp. 


Excuse the suggestion but perhaps some people might think something like this would make a good Christmas present.    

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Are we getting a VT team together - if so I would be keen.


I am hopeful that there will be a scratch team omariqy. I would say there are 5 definites at the moment and another 3 who I would say are 50/50. Please e-mail me (see original post) if you are interested. Thanks. 

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I have played on Derbys pitch several times (pride park) with full use of facilities, changing rooms score boards, tannoys, seats etc.


All we had to do was sell x amount of match tickets to get people into the gates at pride park. I cant remember the actual cost, but by having to pay for tickets you get a game and the chance to play.


I would say though, once your on the pitch and playing; you do not notice where you are etc. you take more in on the sidelines or in the players entrance etc, It's a once in a life time exp. to say you have played there though. 


As big of a villa fan as i am, I would not pay that price to kick a ball on the pitch. £30 ticket at derby was about right I thought; granted there is a difference between the clubs.


Whilst I accept the price isn't cheap what I would say is that it is much cheaper than some play on the pitch experiences. This sort of thing is a dream come true experience for many who take part and so it is open to debate as to how you value something like that. I would say that this is comparable to a "red letter day" type experience eg hot air balloon ride or driving a car around a race track so some may consider this to be a perfect Christmas present for someone.             

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