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  1. Agree - the reaction to this will be key. Remember Saints got smashed 9-0 at home; they stuck with their manager, now they are midtable.
  2. Today is on Smith to a point, but then so was the win at Burnley and draw v Leicester away. We need reinforcements. We are without our keeper, best midfielder or any strikers. Smith done enough to show me he's a good manager. The reaction to today is what will be telling.
  3. The shirt is Nyland's to lose but there obviously isn't much confidence in the back ups.
  4. As long as it's not our only forward signing, a loan has got to be worth a punt. Surely.
  5. I agree, Benteke on loan is worth a punt as long as it's not our main option. If he's going to rediscover his form anywhere it would be here - he's clearly a confidence player and we are the only fans who have ever really loved him. Imagine the scenes if he got a goal at the Holte End in his first game.
  6. He's got plenty of potential and his performances have been improving overall. Just needs to wise up a bit, be more aggressive at the right times and stop being so casual.
  7. He's a lot worse than Reo Coker.
  8. Such a frustrating player. Talented but too casual too often.
  9. Yeah he's v poor. Drinkwater will surely be a step up.
  10. Yeah it's certainly his shirt to lose at the moment - whether we bring anyone else in or not. He's been v good when called upon so far this season.
  11. El Ghazi is one of our better players. He's inconsistent for sure but he makes things happen.
  12. Good first half so far. We look so much more solid with this formation switch - despite the erratic players in the side. Well done Deano.
  13. Surely Kodj isn't injured as well!
  14. Can't disagree with Deano, we can't manage another cup and it looked like we didn't care much on the pitch. Sad but the two watching from the Cottage - Suso and Purslow - are the real key players this month. Guff like Lansbury and Taylor will hopefully not have much more to do with this club.
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