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  1. I just got lucky. Joined the auto Q 10 minutes before sale and it put me about 400th in the Q when it went live. Then the seat selection kept disappearing every time I clicked on two. Stressful - but feel relieved and lucky to be there again - hopefully to slay some ghosts!
  2. Snuck in - right up in the gods but at least the tickets are cheap - and most importantly I'm there at all. Good luck to the rest of you still trying by hook or by crook. Tbh even if you just find a Villa pub it'll be a good day out.
  3. I don't think we do - apart from on the players we have on loan if we want to make them permanent. Then it's just LB, DM, wing. I don't think they need to be super expensive signings. Will be interesting anyway. I do hope we go up.
  4. Very much a modern centre half - pacey, reads the game well and can play. He'd be **** against an old school big man centre forward but there aren't so many of them around these days - particularly in the Prem where I'm sure he'll be next season (hopefully with us).
  5. Changed the game today. So good to have in the squad. You cannot argue with those stats - he's a match winner plain and simple.
  6. I'd start Hause Tuesday and make a call for the final if we get there. Hopefully neither are first choice next season regardless of what division we are in.
  7. We improved considerably when Hourihane came on - but tactically I would still play Whelo on Tuesday as we'll be under more pressure and will want to hit out on the break rather than building from the back.
  8. I think United will look to have a big clear out in the summer but keep as many of the good characters and home grown talent as they can. I think of all our loan players he's the least likely to sign for us permanently this summer.
  9. I thought the atmosphere was great yesterday considering it was a nothing game without our best players which we lost. Smith has really turned this place around - regardless of what happens in the playoffs.
  10. I thought Lansbury was probably our best player yesterday. Aggressive and good passing. Could he regularly play the sitting role in this formation? I doubt we'll ever find out as he's clearly a bit of a crock, but I imagine given the wages he's on he'll be around for a while so at least he can put in a good performance when called upon.
  11. Does he get a clean slate again after next week re yellows?
  12. How much would it cost us to sign our loan players permanently? If we go up I'd love us to do that (Carroll aside), and add real quality at DM, LB and wing. We don't need to spend big money other than that - though I imagine that in itself would be quite an outlay. Sadly I think Tuanzebe won't be allowed to leave, Bournemouth will surely want to keep Mings if they've been watching him here, and Tammy might stay at Chelsea depending on the management. I really like this team - would love to keep it together for the next few years.
  13. He was always a bit mentally weak, and that plus injuries seems to have got the better of him. Hard to see him turning his career around from here. I wonder whether the same would have happened had he stayed here. He was our best ST since Yorke IMO.
  14. Thanks. I don't know our financial situation but regardless of what league we're in next season he's got to be worth it, you'd think... a lot of potential, a decent work ethic, and young and improving.
  15. What is the most reliable estimate for how much he'll cost permanently, do we know?
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