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  1. PatrickCousens

    Dean Smith

    Any idea when his pre match presser is?
  2. PatrickCousens

    Henri Lansbury

    The main problem Lansbury has is he is way back in the pecking order. I don't see that changing since Grealish, McGinn, Hourihane and (arguably) Bjarnasson are all better players, whilst Whelan abd Jedinak are also better at their specific roles.
  3. PatrickCousens

    Pre-Match Thread

    Yep. First trip up of the season for me. Can't wait.
  4. PatrickCousens

    Villa and FFP

    Clearly it doesn't get magicked away. But it might get paid off. I can only assume that the news owners injections of cash are counted as legitimate sources of income. We should remember that the EFLs 'profit and sustainability' rules are about stopping clubs going bust. Financial fair play is to prevent 'financial doping'. Regardless, I trust that Purslow knows what he's doing. The first non-charlatan CEO for years and years.
  5. PatrickCousens

    Christian Purslow

    It's just marketing, not really a motto. We got rid of 'Prepared' as a motto because it was laughably inaccurate. It was a poor motto anyway but regardless I don't want to see it anywhere at least until it's manifestly obvious that we actually are. Perhaps today was a big step, perhaps not, but we're 15th in the Championship with three awful keepers and one established centre half. Prepared we ain't.
  6. PatrickCousens

    Dean Smith

    Likewise I'm not expecting promotion this year. It's not impossible at all, top 6 is very much attainable and who knows in the play offs. But I think in balance it's unlikely - unless we seriously strengthen at the back in Jan and I doubt we have the funds. As long as we are laying strong foundations for a real push next year I'm fine with that.
  7. PatrickCousens

    Dean Smith

    Terry shouldn't be there at all.
  8. PatrickCousens

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP deadly. He was a character, and a massive part of the club. Thoughts to his family and friends.
  9. PatrickCousens

    Dean Smith

    I imagine there will be something on the website later today/tomorrow but it's probably delayed out of respect for HDE
  10. PatrickCousens

    New Manager Speculation

    Needs more Dwight Yorke
  11. PatrickCousens

    New Manager Speculation

    If Monaco want him we can forget it.
  12. PatrickCousens

    Steve Bruce

    Spot on
  13. PatrickCousens

    Henri Lansbury

    I'm not sure you've read the whole post there.
  14. PatrickCousens

    Henri Lansbury

    I thought we'd loan him out tbh. We won't get all of his wages back but if we got half of them that would be something, he's not going to feature much this term. I imagine he might move in Jan.
  15. PatrickCousens

    Steve Bruce

    I think Bruce has done OK - he stopped the rot and got us moving the right way, but his time is up. His legacy will be defined by how quickly he goes, people will remember him for ruining this season if he is allowed to do so - if not they may take a kinder reading.