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  1. Like the look of Mings. Given that we are apparently now dire at attacking him and Kalinic are much needed.
  2. I hope he likes to tackle as well as play. He's small and sounds like his voice has just broken. We do need someone to give cover as well as play back there. I'm really not convinced he's up to it but willl give him a chance.
  3. We could have done with a player more like Fer. Carroll is not as good as Hourihane. More squad fodder on loan when we need first teamers.
  4. Shame we don't see him til next year but I think we might look back on this as the best of the bunch this window. Hopefully he does better than most French players we sign.
  5. Good starting XI that
  6. Footage from BMH this morning:
  7. Great quality and workrate. Him, Bolasie and Abraham is looking like our strongest 3, with Adomah and Kodj in reserve. Pretty impressive.
  8. With the way results have gone today I think we have to win if we want to catch the top 2
  9. Not a great service, main issue tonight was comms being ahead of the game, but I'm glad I dropped a tenner on that one!!
  10. Scores with his dick, he scores with his diiiiick! Tammy Abraham, he scores with dick
  11. What are my chances of finding a liquid trickle?
  12. There's actually shades of David Silva in the way he plays. Silva is so incisive and effective though, Jack may never reach that level but it's a damn good yard stick to aim at.
  13. I dread to think of the scenes at B6 if we sold Grealish to Bournemouth and replaced him with Grant Leadbitter on loan

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