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  1. Same formation. Grealish left, Trez right and Conor in the middle.
  2. Given our front 3 (and their back 4) I'd be bold here and put Grealish left, Trez right and bring Conor into the midfield. Probably keep the rest as is - not sure Targett is ready for a start yet.
  3. Very poor tonight but Guilbert didn't get ahead of him as much as he might have (though he was great defensively). He needs to mix his game up for sure.
  4. Him and Mings are a bloody excellent pair. Looks like we might have to grind out a fair few results so let's hope they can both stay fit.
  5. Him and Guilbert were the big positives tonight.
  6. Very poor. Lack of movement, didn't work hard enough, couldn't finish. I'm sure he can be a useful part of our squad but we should never have started the season with so much on his shoulders. Kodj could have a big role before January at this rate.
  7. Not sure that's fair. Thought he was very good tonight, with a few loose moments. By far the most likely to make something happen.
  8. Good chance here now. Need so much more from the front 3 though.
  9. Hopefully he has a blinder. Would love him to start more games, he offers a lot
  10. A lot of hate on here for recent FIFA's... I didn't think 19 was great but I liked 18 a lot. Will probably get it - I find it hard to get the time/space to get really involved in long RPGs these days, so snatching the odd game of FIFA is the main gaming that I do.
  11. Good performance last night. Battled, ran and showed his quality. Decent set pieces too which we'll need if Conor isn't playing.
  12. Any chance he starts on Friday?
  13. I think the decision to play Taylor and Elmo was tactical. I'd definitely expect to see Targett starting on Saturday, maybe Guilbert also.

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