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  1. Yeah he's pretty poor. Desperately need something better in January and hopefully he can improve with a bit less pressure on him every week.
  2. Didn't think he was that bad tbh - was a poor performance all round but he didn't stand out to me as particularly bad.
  3. Rumours that England might go with a back 3 tomorrow. Wouldn't surprise me if Mings played on the left in that instance.
  4. His contribution is invaluable. Goals win games, and Conor probably has a better goal involvement per minute ratio than any of our other players. Easily ahead of Luiz IMO, but I'd probably bring Luiz in vs City.
  5. I think people should remember he's still only 22 - only about 6 months older than Keinan Davis. He won young player of the year in Belgium last year and has moved for a big fee, but he's still raw and it looks to me like his head still isn't quite right. Personally I'd play him against Norwich as they are a poor defence. Tell him to be aggressive, stay on his feet and make his mark on the game, as he's got Davis and Kodjia chomping at the bit for his shirt. Could be the making of him - and if it isn't it's time to start one of the others.
  6. I'd stick with Conor. Agree about switching out Wes, although aganst one of the weakest defences in the league maybe this could be last chance saloon to play and get his confidence up.
  7. Expected to be fit for Norwich apparently
  8. Agree. I also think Kodjia has a big role to play before Jan. Both seem to be better hold up players than Wes at this point, but it's very early days for him and I'm hoping he'll be a smart long term option.
  9. I can't believe people are getting on Smith's back already. You've forgotten where we were when he came in, and the massive overhaul that we've just had over the summer. I'd keep him even if we went down, he's a very good manager doing a very good job - even now.
  10. Having seen Brighton's team, we ought to win this comfortably
  11. Same formation. Grealish left, Trez right and Conor in the middle.
  12. Given our front 3 (and their back 4) I'd be bold here and put Grealish left, Trez right and bring Conor into the midfield. Probably keep the rest as is - not sure Targett is ready for a start yet.
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