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  1. The fact that they describe him as a Turkish winger says a lot about the reliability of their information.
  2. Can't see us doing both this and Trezeguet - and that one looks imminent.
  3. I doubt that very much - but I could see it being neutral (i.e. £15m). Hopefully not.
  4. Don't really know anything about him but another Brazilian would be good big Wes. I hope the buyback clause is set at least a few mil higher than our purchase. In reality City might see this as a good way to sort his pernit issues so he can move back there - but if he's good enough for them he'll certainly be a major asset for us this season.
  5. We need proven quality in this position. Personally I'd be disappointed if that's this guy - too risky.
  6. Rabdolph isn't an upgrade on Kalinic or Steer
  7. Heaton is quality. Better than Butland IMO. Older of course but you'd get four solid years out of him and for me it would be £10m well spent - especially if it gives us more room to manoeuvre elsewhere.
  8. If you look at our record A) under Smith B ) With Grealish playing C) with Mings and Steer We didn't just scrape promotion we were the best side in the league. I don't think next season is going to be easy but if we made the additions you mention I think we'd be just fine.
  9. Tidy, does the job. I think I prefer it to last years, which I was never that keen on. Probably won't buy but I'll keep an eye of the away/3rd
  10. I agree it's too much, but had we not signed him it would have hung over us all season. I'm glad we've done this at the start if pre season and not at the end.
  11. Let's get this done now.
  12. I'd move one of those wingers into the second category. But definitely still a lot to do, and they all need to be first team starters too (perhaps excluding the striker but we'll still need someone good).

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