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  1. I think the substitutions on saturday show that Lambert has no faith in CNZ and Westwood had to be used
  2. Well done to my county Derbyshire CCC on gaining promotion to Division 1
  3. I thought he did well.He got the ball,kept it simple and passed to a claret n blue shirt(very carrick-esque)
  4. One things for sure with this lad,any player that starts at Crewe has had a good schooling under Steve Holland and Neil Baker.I think he could be the find of the season
  5. Did he once say that when he died he wanted his ashes blasting into space?
  6. How will the Aston Arena going impact on car parking on match days? sounds like its going to be fun travelling to and from villa park when the work begins
  7. Is Thorpe gay or not? i know i wouldnt like to take my speedos off next to him at the local baths lol
  8. thought it was a boob tube for Dunne
  9. What ever happened to the Villa radio station that used to be available on Sky a few years ago.I think Captain Jack was commentator on that.
  10. makes you realise how we take good health for granted
  11. Does anyone know what the mini stadium tour includes at the kit launch?Having done the full tour a couple of years ago,which i fully enjoyed i might take my nephew down if it is worth it
  12. Its going to be Mick McCarthy isnt it,we all know it is really
  13. Whats happening? Not seen this many people online since we signed Bent
  14. Whats happening? Not seen this many people online since we signed Bent
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