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  1. Interesting article on FFP http://www.espnfc.co.uk/blog/marcotti-musings/62/post/2456828/financial-fair-play-and-understanding-plantini-changes
  2. I thought there was a problem with the ground water rising in the Witton area due to the closing down of the heavy industry, brewers and HP. Maybe it going to be a swimming pool!
  3. Cream rises to the top thats why we are near the bottom, lack of quality through the team. Who in our team would get into Spurs team yesterday
  4. Poor management at Villa has left us with a very poor quality side that look like we will go down unless we buy some quality Pl players in January
  5. Lacks Pl quality as does our midfield.
  6. I was pleased with the new signings and felt positive, but since then I have yet to hear an ex-player or suppose expert on Sky (Merson etc) that does not think we will be going down or very close due to the lack of experienced PL players. This has started to worry me. As we are stuck with what we have got we must bite our lip and give them 100% support and cut out the negatve vibes
  7. Fox Soccer says he is not coming (for now)
  8. How can an email be handled better? If AVTV got the new codes out before cutting you off
  9. Received mine today, could have been handled better
  10. Has anyone else had their season ticket free subscription to AVTV turned off? Have been told by Aston Villa that it will be the end of the month before new codes are issued. This means any new player's interviews, any words of wisdom from the management (unlikely) will be lost on season ticket holders.
  11. Mervyn King is Governor of the Bank of England he must have a few quid and is a Villa fan
  12. The board I am sure are fully aware of the fans feelings at this time and I fear any protest during this 3 game period will make things worse. Changing the manager at this time will make things worse not better any new man could not alter the teams performance this late on. I now want a change of manager at the end of the season ( I did agree with his appointment but was wrong) but for now we must bite the bullet and get 100% behind the team.
  13. How does Zebra Fiance make money if they pass the monthly repayments onto Villa in the first few months, unless Villa pay them a fee equivalent to interest? Anybody in this field got an answer
  14. General As you may have noted the attendances are DOWN The quality of the team are DOWN The fans faith in the management of Villa are DOWN At the end of the season we are likely to go ????? Tell Randy to invest quickly or pass the batton on to someone who can. Hope you have not caught a chill in that bunker.
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