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  1. I had zero expectations but they've still managed to lower them considerably.
  2. So it turns out the Premier League had only one objection to this and it was based on broadcast piracy?
  3. Feel I should say that I realise our fans wouldn't be above this if we were taken over by a despotic government/sovereign wealth fund. Discussion forums like this sometimes makes it easy to forget that most fans are amoral gobshites when it comes to things which benefit themselves and 'their' club.
  4. I mean... good grief. They're about to become an even more loathsome club than Man City. I'm sure the fans will just respond with "boring" or "cry more" when taken up on it.
  5. I triple captained Ronaldo, thinking it might spur us on to beat the buggers. I take full credit for this.
  6. Who would be privy to the details of a player's contract, beyond the player themselves, the CEO, the agents and lawyers, and perhaps the owners? Would the manager or any of the coaching staff even know?
  7. I think Edens’ success with Milwaukee Bucks has bowled people over a bit. Unfortunately, we may need more patience before Villa start reaping similar rewards. The Bucks’ successes were built over 6-7 years and arguably the PL is a tougher mountain to conquer (and we were almost in administration not so along ago).
  8. Edouard to Palace (sorry if already mentioned).
  9. Nah, we've had this luck for ages ha ha. It's just the way we are.
  10. I was surprised at how many of our own players were behind Grealish's move to City. Footballers tend to be more supportive of what's good for their (and other player's) careers than their club, sadly for us.
  11. I'm inclined towards the f*** them attitude as well, even though I appreciate that international caps are more important to South Americans than they are to Brits. We're just not in the same cosy position as Spurs, who can afford to lose Lo Celso and Romero, and I don't think our 'project' is yet so secure that we couldn't see a dramatic downturn in fortunes again.
  12. Yes, Lo Celso and Romero, though it won't hurt them as much as it will us.
  13. 63 players ordered not to leave for national teams. 4 have disobeyed. 2 play for us. Just amazing.
  14. I don't know about Firmino and Fabinho but Alisson is a pretty big Bolsonaro supporter, so I can see him defying the ruling (unless Liverpool have better inducements than us).
  15. It's a possibility, if the fans turn on him like they're doing now and the club makes it plain to him that they aren't best pleased with this decision.
  16. Great. We finally get two genuinely world class players and one, a 'boyhood Villa fan', gets swept up by Man City at the moment when we're in touching distance of a Euro-worthy squad, and the other will be in quarantine for a third of the season (and then probably go elsewhere due to bad blood). We've got no luck whatsoever. It's like what we're trying to build is hubris and we're being royally punished for it.
  17. Are there any other teams the international break will hurt as much as us? I take it Spurs can cope without Romero and Lo Celso.
  18. It's like there's a law of nature out there that makes sure the 'alpha' teams are well looked after, come rain or shine, and then 'beta' teams like us and Everton always get the same rotten luck.
  19. Sadly, a lot of our fans - no different from other teams' - only ride as high as our last game.
  20. A bit concerned about this one. I can see Brentford becoming a bit of a bogey team for us.
  21. A real flashback to Benteke's bicycle kicks.
  22. Nah, f*** that. Clearly we’d rather be limp-dick bedwetters.
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