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  1. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    I think it's a bit of both, with regards to DS spending money and him leaving us, after selling Maupay and the like we made £35m from those sales, we invested very well in 5 new players, leaving us £5m profit, the other reason is that DS was always reluctant to change his defensive set up and we suffered from it, after a shaky start with new players bedding in Thomas Frank has changed our defensive style of play (something DS failed to do time and time again) so much so, that we now have the best defensive record in the Championship, shoring up a leaking defense is a definite improvement since DS left us.
  2. Taken from a report from a good Danish media site with regards to Emre Mor who I believe was mentioned on here a few times Reports from Denmark explain the Bees are convinced with the wideman’s qualities as a footballer, Despite that, they go on to mention Mor having difficulties in adjusting at his previous clubs, Borussia Dortmund and Celta Vigo, and the same has happened at Galatasaray, It’s claimed Thomas Frank’s side have not received positive responses internally or externally about the Denmark-born Turkey international so far. Brentford have a Danish manager and a handful of players from the same country in their squad, one who has played with him at Celta Vigo, According to the report, the Danish players at Brentford are concerned about Mor potentially being their teammate at Griffin Park, Therefore, Brentford have ended negotiations to sign Mor in the winter market, if true, due diligence seems to have been the order of the day.!!!
  3. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Just a thought from a neutral, I see on the BBC news that Neil Warnock is looking for some football work until the end of the season while his house in Cornwall is being renovated, instead of getting rid of DS at a great cost why not try and persuade Warnock to help out in an advisory capacity until then, he brings bags of winning experience with him, might not be pretty to watch his brand of football, but he knows how to shore up a defence, because at the moment you are in danger of heading the wrong way unless something is done very quickly, this might be a good short term solution and cheaper!!!
  4. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    No, that money made on players sold was from Jan 2019 - Aug 2019, You have Bruce to thank for the Hogan episode in 2017, what a cracking result for us that was !!!!
  5. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    It was always our weakest point with DS at the helm, and he seemed very reluctant to change the system, but we spent nearly £35 million (an astronomical amount for us) in the summer on a GK, 3 defenders, one midfield and two forwards, I think we were able to purchased very wisely mainly due to the fact we made £45 million in sales, it has taken us a few months to gel, but is now all coming together and fitting in place, as we now have the best defensive record in the Championship.
  6. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one, just take for example the Maupay senario, it was well known this end that DS wanted him and Maupay himself via his social media account wanted to join Villa, but Suso & Purslow didn't want to pay the price (unknown) for whatever reason, and went for Wesley instead, I would imagine that left DS with a player he knew very little about, against a player he wanted and knew how good he was, DS must have been frothing inwardly, but couldn't express his real feelings. How many more signings of your have been "recommended" by Suso & Purslow?, so I don't think the entire blame for your predicament should be fostered on DS if some of his wants lists are being ignored or overruled going by what you have said, I think he is working under a different type of management structure than he was with us and that could be detrimental to your predicament, although his reluctance to change his defensive tactics hasn't helped him.
  7. A lot of panic on here, understandably, but remember you are only 6 points behind Arsenal in 12th place with 18 games left and there are still plenty of points to be had, the transfer window opens in a couple of days, bring in a couple of players of Dean Smiths choice not ones chosen by Purslow & Pitarch, give him 8-10 games to get it right, if still no joy then its time to bring in an experienced temporary short term life saver such as Big Sam just till the end of the season. Sacking DS now does not give you any time at all to go through a rigid recruitment process to get the right long term appointment, and you could end up in the same boat, proper recruitment takes time. It was a well documented fact that DS wanted Maupay, but Villa baulked at the price (unknown)and I believe he was over ruled, that was a big mistake, I also believe that Wesley was the choice of Pitach, and that hasn’t worked out at all, Brighton took a gamble on Maupay instead, and that seems to have paid off. DS did wonders for you at the back end of last season, just give him a few more games to see if he can repeat it, don’t forget if you do get relegated you still receive millions of £££’s of Sky money that should enable you to get back in one go, it’s been done before, FWIW, I think he will keep you up.
  8. Our recruitment team have come up with yet another gem, I think he's an even better buy than Maupay and Benrahma, he has been a joy to watch this season, he's very strong, a runner, tackler, goal provider and can score with his head and feet, and 9 goals already, considering he's only 20 and in his first 6 months in English football, there is so much more I feel to come from him as he seems to gain confidence each time he plays, I wouldn't be surprised to see him fetching well over £20 million and setting a new record amount for us, if we were to sell him. I can't see us selling anyone in the Jan Window as we are slowly gaining on the top two, and it could be worth players staying with us, just in case we get to the promised land, but offers of BIG money are very hard for a club and player to turn down.
  9. Neither did Harry Kane when he first started, but he's turned out OK, and It's only newspaper gossip anyway, sometimes you have to take a gamble.
  10. We signed Halil Dervişoğlu a Turkish under 21 international from Sparta Rotterdam in August and when we didn't sell Benrahma we lent him back to them until Jan 1st, he joined us a couple of days ago and was seen training with the squad yesterday ready for the New Year, I have a feeling, hopefully, that we won't be letting anyone go in the window, but adding to the squad, but it appear from paper talk (if you believe it) that Spurs are now interested in Benrahma, but it's football and a wait and see game, and you just never know what's going to happen!!! It's a sellers market in this window, and they hold all the cards, so players won't be cheap, as clubs that are in trouble try and buy themselves out of it.
  11. Griffin Park has already been sold to the developers who are building the new ground for housing, plus four blocks of flats are being built on the land the new ground is situated, and that makes the new stadium virtually self financing, so we have no need to sell any player, but Brentford's policy is not to stand in any players way if they wish to move on, providing the price is right, although the rumors around Brentford are that Benrahma wants to stay until the summer to see if we can get in the Premiership, but on the other hand money talks!!!.
  12. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    I have highlighted the same problem he had with us at Brentford, and it doesn't seem to have changed at all, he had no problems with forwards/strikers, but I thought the whole idea of bringing in John Terry was to improved and coach on the defensive side of the game, given his record as a defender and knowledge of the game it sounded very good on paper, but that's about all, because lt is not working, what does he actually do? and does anyone think that JT was brought in as a "token name" to perhaps encourage players to sign for Villa? I get the feeling from this forum that Purslow & Pitarch have had the final say and forced some of your players on to DS, that could be a big part of the problem, if so, he doesn't warrant some of the stick he gets on here.
  13. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    I'm Sorry to say, that was me, I had hoped he would have changed with Villa, but he's carried on from Walsall and us in the same style, a reluctance to change.
  14. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Some were and some weren't, I was one who wasn't very happy he left us, but understood that it was always his ambition to manage Villa, good luck to him for that reason, the problem with him was his defensive shortcomings that were evident at Walsall and now with you, as you have now conceded 33 goals in 18 games, our new head coach changed all that with a different formation, that he changes according to the opposition, made some shrewd purchases including Pontus Jannson from Leeds, and after 23 games we still have only conceded 18 goals, second only to Leeds, so a vast improvement that has now put us in a good position in the table. Most of us Bees fans couldn't understand why he paid a more money for Wesley instead of going for Maupay, who would have done a much better job for you, and cheaper, that to me was a big mistake, or is it a fact that Pitarch & Purslow have a greater say in transfers than DS?
  15. That counts us out then as we don't do loans, our management policy is "why should we develop another clubs player" we have a good B team set up that is a pathway to the 1st team. Dean will keep you in the Premiership, it might be a close call, but he's Villa through and through and he won't let it happen, besides there are worse teams behind you.
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