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  1. The sums quoted were merely wild guesses by the media, nobody knows what prices are paid until company figures are produced, the club know his valuation and do not need to sell as we made a profit of £20 million last season according to this years published figures, we also have made (a reported) £40 million profit on Players from the start of this season, that includes Maupay & Konsa, so we have no need to sell on the cheap, and he would therefore would fetch a good sum of money. As far as Jota goes, he's history and worth very little money now, plus we don't want him back, and we have better now, times have changed, he was a fantastic player for us who gave us so much enjoyment on and off the pitch, I don't know what they did to him at Brum, but he was never the same again, I think DS signed him thinking he could make him reproduce his Brentford form, that obviously went tits up.
  2. Can't agree more, it would be the icing on the cake for us, after what has been the most traumatizing time for all of us, we need football to bring back a bit of normality, Nail biting time coming up for us both, you hoping to stay up, us hoping to go up, we both have tricky ones to start with, you Sheff Utd, us Fulham, Good luck to Villa, hope you survive.
  3. But it's only all paper talk, and probably bears no resemblance to what might or might not happen, but as he and his partner love London, my money is going on Chelsea, if we don't get prompted, Frank Lampard is starting to build a new squad for the future, and like at Derby he is going for younger hungry players, and Benrahama fits the bill and will be affordable for Chelsea.
  4. He only missed the first 2 matches, Boro & Brum in early August, he was fit but was nursed back into games as a precaution, was then ever present, so he would have still done a good job for you, but I think you have missed the boat on him now, as I'm sure it will be a London club he goes to.
  5. Even if you stay up and we don't make it I think there is very little chance of him going to Villa, he is one of our highly prized assets and he still has 2 years to run on his contract + option of another year so he won't be going on the cheap, Villa wouldn't pay the alleged fee we asked for last year, so what is different? besides him and his partner love the London life and if he does move on I would put money on him joining a Premiership London club, as they seem to have already taken an interest in him. On the other hand I hope it is as you predict, fingers crossed, as I always love a trip to Villa Park
  6. I think if we do ever go up we will do a "Bournemouth" and survive for a few seasons using our tried and trusted method of buying/selling that works well at the moment, whether it would work in the Premiership remains to be seen, Wolves & Sheff United seem to have brought & sold wisely and are doing well, But The Premiership is a whole new ball game as Villa are finding out, I was surprised that DS never came in for a couple of our players in the Jan window, paper talk and tittle tattle claimed they wouldn't spend the (press quoted) money we were asking, with hindsight had you have brought them or brought more wisely, you might well have been further up the table and out of danger, who knows?, but I do hope you stay up.
  7. Wow, that's news to me, have you got a link on that one?, the last I heard is they employed 2 new Scandinavian ones that will also cover Iceland & Finland as well, as well as another one for parts of South America, and this was only last week.
  8. We all agree that Covid 19 has changed the world's stage, and a few clubs might well go close to even closing down, but I think we are in a fairly strong position given our player sales revenue these past 2 seasons, but it still could be tight.
  9. Now also linked with Newcastle and another French club, any movement with Benrahma is dependent on where we finally finishes at the end, we get promoted, he stays, we stay in the Championship and he will more than likely be off, But he won't be cheap though, we actually made a £20 million profit last season, and that was without the sale of Maupay and four other players to a total of approx £40 million, we stand to make more profit again when next years finances are revealed, so we are not desperate to sell, especially on the cheap, As with Maupay we will manage without Benrahma as we have other players in waiting to take his place, that is how we operate.
  10. We now have the best Goals Against record in the Championship and the sixth best out of 92 clubs, seeing our defensive problems under DS the DOF's were fairly quick in replacing most of our defensive line up at the start of this season, they made some shrewd buy's with players they had been scouting for a long time, and at the moment, fingers crossed, it has paid off. As an outsider it seemed that Villa spent a lot of money at the start of the season very quickly, do you think it was panic buying? because Villa wouldn't have had a lot of timed to scout and evaluate them, reading through your forum it appears that many of you are disappointed with some of the players acquired, am I right, or barking up the wrong tree?, just out of interest it would be nice to hear some thoughts of you Villa fans on your recruitment system, good and bad.
  11. Watched the whole game on Sky, thought you were very unlucky to not get at least a point, as a neutral it's easy to see your defence is the major problem, John Terry is supposed to be coaching your defence, Am I right?, well, on that showing, as well as others, he's stealing a living and just trading on his name alone, he needs replacing urgently with a experience defensive coach for the remaining games, if you were to do that I think you will survive, and I hope you do.
  12. Thank goodness Neither him or Ollie Watkins moved on in this window, I think they wanted to stay to see if we can get promoted ready for the move to the new stadium, Watkins is contracted for 3 years +1 option and Benrahma has 2 years left in June, so If we don't get promotion this year I can see both of them moving on, I think we have already anticipated this could happen and have bought in 4 new players this window, just in case, I don't think either would look out of place in the Premiership, Benrahma, after a few injuries at the start of the season has now found his old form has returned, as seen on Sky yesterday, Watkins has transferred to a genuine striker without any problems, and is the Championships leading scorer, fingers crossed we can make to the promised land, if not expect a bidding war to break out at the end of the season for those two. At least you are making some progress, I think you will make it, Just.
  13. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    I think it's a bit of both, with regards to DS spending money and him leaving us, after selling Maupay and the like we made £35m from those sales, we invested very well in 5 new players, leaving us £5m profit, the other reason is that DS was always reluctant to change his defensive set up and we suffered from it, after a shaky start with new players bedding in Thomas Frank has changed our defensive style of play (something DS failed to do time and time again) so much so, that we now have the best defensive record in the Championship, shoring up a leaking defense is a definite improvement since DS left us.
  14. Taken from a report from a good Danish media site with regards to Emre Mor who I believe was mentioned on here a few times Reports from Denmark explain the Bees are convinced with the wideman’s qualities as a footballer, Despite that, they go on to mention Mor having difficulties in adjusting at his previous clubs, Borussia Dortmund and Celta Vigo, and the same has happened at Galatasaray, It’s claimed Thomas Frank’s side have not received positive responses internally or externally about the Denmark-born Turkey international so far. Brentford have a Danish manager and a handful of players from the same country in their squad, one who has played with him at Celta Vigo, According to the report, the Danish players at Brentford are concerned about Mor potentially being their teammate at Griffin Park, Therefore, Brentford have ended negotiations to sign Mor in the winter market, if true, due diligence seems to have been the order of the day.!!!
  15. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Just a thought from a neutral, I see on the BBC news that Neil Warnock is looking for some football work until the end of the season while his house in Cornwall is being renovated, instead of getting rid of DS at a great cost why not try and persuade Warnock to help out in an advisory capacity until then, he brings bags of winning experience with him, might not be pretty to watch his brand of football, but he knows how to shore up a defence, because at the moment you are in danger of heading the wrong way unless something is done very quickly, this might be a good short term solution and cheaper!!!
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