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  1. Dean Smith had him at Walsall then signed him for Brentford, he knows exactly how he plays, until his recent injury he was the outstanding attacking full back in the Championship, he can step up to the Prem with ease, Hopefully with us, if we don't make it I can see DS coming in for him.
  2. Good shout if we don't get promoted, He all the attributes that Ollie has, plus has taken all our penalties (9) and not missed one, also tracks back very quick and more than an able defender, and that's unusual for a striker, I did say all along on this forum just how good Ollie was, In my mind Ivan is even better, and just like Ollie will have no problem stepping up to he Prem.
  3. Been totally wasted at West Ham, Moyes doesn't seem to have a clue how to play him, Hardly had a look in or a full game, although showed just what he could do when he started Monday night against Burnley, Would have done a lot better coming to you as him and Ollie had a great understanding, never mind, at least we made a few ££££'s out of him.
  4. It does indeed, £1 million for us, and we pass on about £75,000 to Exeter, win, win for both clubs, keep getting picked and scoring Ollie and that will mean even more for us both, schooled and brought up by 2 clubs who know how to treat and bring on young players, and then polished up by Villa, all credit to 3 damn good clubs
  5. Three different types of players, Maupay's work rate was questionable at times, but he knew how to score goals, Ollie a workhorse, rarely went missing, skilful and full of running, incredibly fit, again knows how to score goals, Ivan has all Ollie's attributes, but his assist rate is much better and he also is not afraid to track back and defend, so Ivan just shades it for me over Ollie. It’s ironic that if we don’t go up Ivan will be on his way for Approx £30 million, means that apart for 2 games with 2000 in attendance due to lockdown, we won’t have seen him play apart from on TV, and
  6. Ker-ching!! More Money for us!!, Seriously, Very well done to Ollie, I did forecast that he would play for England one day, has done so well for you and settled into the Prem with ease, We seem to have blown up again with resent results and will now struggle to get promotion yet again, if we don't, it looks like we will have another gem in Ivan Toney (27 goals already) for sale, at least another 30 Million will soften the blow, and we move on to find yet another replacement. Bit surprised Ezra Konsa didn't get picked as well, I can't understand why Eric Dier keeps his place as he's rubbis
  7. Our secret in recruitment is all down to our extensive scouting network, statistics and the backroom/coaching staff we have assembled these past few years, This is all down to our very shrewd Owner who is not only a lifelong Bees supporter but a very successful business man who Purchased the club in 2012 when we were struggling in League one, he set himself a goal of a new stadium and the PL in 10 years, he's had the stadium finished, Just promotion to the PL left. PS: Continuity is proving to be our greatest asset, for instance when DS left we knew our next Head coach was going to be TF
  8. Glad you are enjoying him as much as we did, Your fans will love him when they see him "live" I had no doubt at all that he would be nothing but a success for you as he was for us, DS knew exactly what he was getting having previously coached him, so it was a no brainer as far as buying him, I have watched a few of you games on TV and glad to see he settled down in the PL without any problem as I thought he would. Hopefully we might see him down in our new home next season, providing we don't throw the chance away again!!, we are now on a good unbeaten run, Ollie's replacement Ivan Toney
  9. He has been being training with us and played for the B team against Charlton yesterday as "An Other", The Bees GPG website has pictures of him playing, and apparently he "was on fire", We could take a gamble with him as he is a free agent with no transfer fee to be paid, we seem to get the best out of under achievers and lost souls. Who knows he might sell for £20 Million next season!!!!
  10. I remember when you signed him from us telling you that you had some player there, but on the other hand his only weakness was penalty taking, he also missed a few for us, but was then relieve of penalty duties, thank goodness we had others who never missed!!, I think Jack or Ross should be you penalty takers in future.
  11. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Two totally different players, Maupay was/is a poacher who can score goals out of the blue and hasn't got much more in his locker, Ollie is the much better of the two and is almost the complete striker, if he carries on like he's doing at the moment he deserves to be given a try in the England team in the near future.
  12. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Very similar, in fact watching it on Sky last night it was like a mirror image, Both hard working and very strong when in possession, they both get in the right place at the right time, The only difference I can see at the moment is that Toney tracks back to defend a lot quicker than Ollie did, apart from that they could be twins!!!. Both our teams have done some good business with them both and are now blessed with two out and out goal scorers who's price will only increase, I'm well please for DS and Villa who have got of to a great start, you can tell all the players he brought in were
  13. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Try £40 million!!! He's very highly thought of by our management, another 2 tonight and he's already top scorer in the Championship, and he looks the part, we took a year to get Peterborough to sell him for a record fee, and it's paid off, just like Ollie has for you, and with our track record he's only going to get better, You heard it from me, just watch this space.
  14. You are not wrong there; he is an astute business man who owns two football clubs and the Smart Odds business. Matthew Benham is no mug and after all he is only dealing with a couple of ex Barrow Boys/Porn Merchants, his Lawyers would have worked out a signed and sealed binding contract that not even Sullivan & Gold will be unable to renegade on, he wouldn’t have agreed to the Loan/Sale terms otherwise. At the end of the day we have done a cracking bit of business, Regardless of how the money is paid, as it's common practice in football for payments to be made in installments ov
  15. And I'm sure our Lawyers won't miss a trick that the Dildo's Bros try and pull, and they will have it well under control.
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