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  1. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Two totally different players, Maupay was/is a poacher who can score goals out of the blue and hasn't got much more in his locker, Ollie is the much better of the two and is almost the complete striker, if he carries on like he's doing at the moment he deserves to be given a try in the England team in the near future.
  2. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Very similar, in fact watching it on Sky last night it was like a mirror image, Both hard working and very strong when in possession, they both get in the right place at the right time, The only difference I can see at the moment is that Toney tracks back to defend a lot quicker than Ollie did, apart from that they could be twins!!!. Both our teams have done some good business with them both and are now blessed with two out and out goal scorers who's price will only increase, I'm well please for DS and Villa who have got of to a great start, you can tell all the players he brought in were
  3. jonjon

    Dean Smith

    Try £40 million!!! He's very highly thought of by our management, another 2 tonight and he's already top scorer in the Championship, and he looks the part, we took a year to get Peterborough to sell him for a record fee, and it's paid off, just like Ollie has for you, and with our track record he's only going to get better, You heard it from me, just watch this space.
  4. You are not wrong there; he is an astute business man who owns two football clubs and the Smart Odds business. Matthew Benham is no mug and after all he is only dealing with a couple of ex Barrow Boys/Porn Merchants, his Lawyers would have worked out a signed and sealed binding contract that not even Sullivan & Gold will be unable to renegade on, he wouldn’t have agreed to the Loan/Sale terms otherwise. At the end of the day we have done a cracking bit of business, Regardless of how the money is paid, as it's common practice in football for payments to be made in installments ov
  5. And I'm sure our Lawyers won't miss a trick that the Dildo's Bros try and pull, and they will have it well under control.
  6. It's a typical Dildo Bros stalling tactic to drive the price down, he managed 46 games for us and 3 for Algeria this past season without a problem, so I can't see much wrong with him, I think we set a high price for him once Wet Spam were interested knowing that they will always kick off when it comes to spending money, by settings a high price gave us a little wiggle room for a slightly lower negotiating price if we are so inclined, we usually get what is a suitable amount we want, luckily we are not in a desperate problem financially as a lot of other teams are, But it will all unfold come 1
  7. Well, You have brought a few donkeys over the past few years, but now seem to be getting it just right, I had that feeling last year that DS had to take a few players that weren't of his choosing (am I right) so far this season they seem to be more of his choice, and looking much better for it as well, I'm also so glad Ollie has got of to a good start, he will only get better as well.
  8. We purchased the land nearly 10 years ago in a backwater bordering Chiswick W4, an area that has now sky rocketed in land value so much so that we exchanged some land to developers who are building almost 900 Apartments next to the stadium, that paid for the stadium, plus I believe that we also came away with £10-£15 million pounds, we are fortunate to have an English owner who is not only a very astute business man but a life long Bee's fan who used to hitchhike up and down the country in his teens just to watch them play.
  9. Unfortunately not, there are those clubs relegated from the Prem still receiving millions of Sky money just for being failures in football terms!!!
  10. We love it, knowing that there is usually a £15 - £25 million profit to be made at the end of it
  11. All supposition, rumors, click bait fodder, journo's guesses, Sky crap and the usual spin churned out by the dildo bros/Wet Spam, who must be the wort ever team to do business with, all these so called "reports" are typical of the drivel now churned out, and these have no credible foundation at all, besides Said is still abroad on international duties with Algeria, the only truth you get will be from a clubs official website, and even then figures of money are never revealed.
  12. Of course he's far too expensive for a Back up role, the truth is he will be just like Ollie and not be playing second fiddle to anyone, he will be going as the main man in his position, therefore the price set is just right.
  13. Not really, A young man doing what most of them do nowadays in this media driven world, post things first without thinking, easily done, probably now regrets it, we have all done things in life, that with hindsight we still cringe at, I think his previous agent should have advised him not to post that type of thing, and that could be why he sacked him and changed agents, who knows?, As far as I know he's no problem at all club level wise, trains hard, is well liked by all, and above all knows how to play, I have actually met him to speak to and found him a very pleasant and engaging young man
  14. He has just changed his agent this last two weeks so I would imagine that might be part of the hold up, The Porn Bros of Wet Spam always offer very low prices, in the hope that one club might fall for it, unfortunately they have picked the wrong club to mug off, as we usually get what we ask for, it could also be that some clubs are waiting until the last minute to play their hand, a bit like poker!!. It is rumored from this end that he is willing to wait his time until the right club/offer comes in January, and that's only about 11 weeks away, I'm sure he can manage financially until th
  15. Firstly, Well done Villa a great result. I did repeatedly tell you how good Ollie was, and worth every penny you spent, left food, right foot and a header, stamina, hold up play, running, etc, he showed you all that yesterday, and he didn’t let my talking about him down, and If he continues in this way, Hopefully the next faze might even be an England cap, as he is only going to get better, hope so as we will get our reported £5 million add on. Note: Don’t get too carried away, as I think as good as you played, that must rank as one of Liverpools worst defensive display ever.
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