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  1. We are on a bit of a role at the moment after a very poor start, our defence has just started to play as one, the addition of David Raya (goal keeeper) and Pontus Jansson has been the major factor, Pontus is not the most skilful player but he has captained the defence with the resoluteness that we were missing, only conceded 13 goals so far, and that has been the key, it has made it easier for our midfield and forwards to do their proper jobs. The January transfer merry go round will soon be here, that's when the fun and games start, we are pushing for promotion so it will be difficult to see who, if anyone, we sell, Benrahma is slowly getting back to his old form, so he won't come cheap, Ollie Watkins is the star at the moment with 11 goals, and already has a few Premiership clubs looking at him, we have a new Turkish striker starting Jan 1st so that could change things, who knows, Villa are going through a bad patch, but what I've seen of them on TV they have been unlucky and not getting the rub of the green, I'm sure Dean will get you out of it.
  2. I watched the game on Sky from a neutral perspective and thought you weren't too bad, got of to a good start, and held a very, very good team at bay for a long time, 2nd half they then brought on Erikson and he changed the game for Spurs, you also then got sloppy at the back, from then there was only one winner, Dean Smith would have learnt a lot from that first match, nothing there he can't put right, it was always going to be difficult, and that match shouldn't be a guide that its going to be the same each week, Bournemouth will be a better game to judge on how you well do, I also see you have the same type of clowns on here as we do on our forum, slagging off the team already, Unbelievable !!! Still, we got a lucky 3 points at Middlesbrough, and I saw Maupay come on as a sub for the Seagull and score, a dream start for him.
  3. I'm sure the Villa management are going to take a lot of notice of your recommendation
  4. Don't give up hope of not getting him in January, the main reason we didn't sell him apart from the fee asked (unknown) is we failed to get a replacement in time and it would have been silly to let him go, the other factor as well, is for once we didn't need the money to balance the books, one deal for a forward fell through due to overbearing and nasty agents apparently, so that never came off, instead we have signed a young winger from Sparta Rotterdam called Hallil Dervisoglu a Turkish youth international, but he will not be joining us until January, So there could be movement with Benraham, depending how far up the table we are, and the same applies for Villa, but thank goodness the window is done for now, it was all too stressful !!!. Anyway good luck to Villa in the Prem, I think you will do OK with the players Dean brought in, I will be watching your results with interest.
  5. I think what everybody seems to forget is the agents role in all this, they are there to make as much money for themselves as possible, with little regards of where their player ends up at, the delays in moves happening could be all down to their greed, with the clubs and player involved just an afterthought.
  6. If you were to believe recent press reports, several teams have "enquired" about him but have been knocked back by the price they offered.
  7. Not my words, I haven't seen Benrahma at all today, so I have no idea what he's looking like.
  8. I love the fact that we have probably stuck to our guns and not lowered the asking price, I love it, at least you and I are happy about it all.
  9. You seem to forget that you have also got a lot of weirdos as well, just like all other football club forums, unfortunately we all suffer from them, but that's life!!
  10. I think there is some pressure this year, the hope is promotion, ready to move into the new stadium at the start of next season, we have spent a record amount (for us) already, so I think we are going to give it a go.
  11. Hogan certainly did, I couldn't believe Villa fell for that one the rest haven't done too bad at all.
  12. No, The player we are after is a lot cheaper and money is not the problem, as for once we have money to spare made on deals done since January, and we have no need to sell him, but if he wants to move the club will not stand in his way, providing we get the money asked for.
  13. Complete and nonsense clap trap/rubbish from Villareport, Neither Brentford or Villa reveal what price they are willing to Sell/Buy to outsiders, especially journalist, these figures mentioned are totally made up by someone with nothing better to do with their life, all negotiations are done in the strictest privacy and will come under the heading of "Undisclosed Fee", and its not until each clubs accounts are published will we know what the fee was. My take on the Benrahma saga is that we are waiting for the the OK on the Iranian striker Saman Ghoddos from Amiens, and I think that once he has signed for us Benrahma will be free to leave, the money is on Villa but don't rule out him joining Maupay at Brighton, as they are a deadly duo and the best of friends.
  14. No none at all at the moment, all gone very quite, I think the stumbling block could well be the fee, for once we don't need to sell at a reduced price, as we have made a more than decent profit on sales recently. Hang on to your hat, because I think it will all go down to the wire on Thursday afternoon!!!!
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