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Found 3 results

  1. Think there is a fair bit of value in Villa & Sunderland 18/1 Barney Rubble! Get On!..
  2. Others may have posted this, but I have just put £10 quid on Benteke to be top premier league goalscorer of the 13/14 season. I got this at 20/1 with betfair exchange. I think this is amazing value. Reason being: Say he moves to another English club this summer or in January (which i find unlikely), it will only be to a club higher up the league, arguable creating more goalscoring chances, should he get the playing time. - i personally think he will stay at AVFC for the year and move during the World Cup year... Can't see him moving abroad. He is growing in confidence and it shows no sign of slowing down. Obviously i shouldn't base this on a pre-season hatrick against crewe, but when he put the ball in the net it looks as though it was second nature to him, hence the unexcitable celebrations. I think PL has the managerial skills to channel this confidence and keep his feet on the ground, as shown by the contract talks. Futhermore, his ability is only going to get better, along with his strength and experience. I also think he will stay fit for the majority of the season, hes a machine. If the team can provide him with enough chances i see no reason why he can't out do other players. I think the rest of our team will come on leaps and bounds this season, i rate PL very highly, maybe too highly, but i haven't been this excited about a manager before, I'm 24, no one has came in an impressed me as an all round manager like this, O'neill had too many faults, i was too young to remember/analyse others. Lastly, he's our main man. we don't have the problem (i wouldn't call it that much of a problem!) of man city / chelsea who have great players but too many of them for one to rise up and score a high enough amount to challenge the goalden boot. So who are the other players that could challenge him? Robin Van Persie - undoubtedly the front runner, a great player who will have alot of chances in a great team. But given his fairlytale 1st season with Man Utd, who would bet against him getting an injury, the like we saw at arsenal, which could rule him out for part of the season and disrupt his form? hes getting on. If that happens, I can't see anyone else stepping from that man utd team. There is also the moyes factor to consider. Man City - I say man city, because they have too many stars. too many stars that will disrupt each other ( even unintentionally) and therefore i cant see any of them rising from the pack and holding their fitness/place down in the team for long enough to challenge. The obvious candidate is Aguero, and he was great during his first season, but went missing last season... I just cant see it. Jovetic? will have to wait and see. Rooney - Wherever he ends up... Not for me. If SAF failed to keep his head on the ground, I doubt anyone else will, even mourinho. What a wasted talent and a shame for england. I hope he proves me wrong with the World Cup coming up though. Bale - Lets wait to see if he goes? Perhaps the reason why benteke's odds are so high? If he does go abroad, I imagine benteke's odds drop significantly, which is why i have put my money where my mouth is now. If he stays, he is benteke's challenger for me (assuming RVP won't repeat his form of last season). f he stays, i will be backing Bale as a safety bet. Luis Suarez - again, uncertain what he will do, like bale, but if he moves it looks like he'll be staying within england? If he moves aborad, less competition for benteke! I don't doubt his ability, just his character /attitude. If he doesn't get his own way and stays at Liverpool, he could have a season like Rooney after his first unsuccessful transfer request - OK but not great. If he moves to another English club and is happy then there is no limit to what he can achieve. I just get the feeling that liverpool will want to save face after the Andy Carroll fiasco. They think they are are bigger than they are, and by letting suarez go it will prove they are not as big as they think. Chelsea - hard to say what effect mourihno will have on the current players (Torres/Ba/Lukaku/schurrle etc)... we all know hes a great man manager, so maybe an outside bet on one of them? And we don't know who he will bring in, if anyone.... looking to be Rooney. Can he manage Rooney? I think they have a similar situation to man city, too many great players, not one will score ore goals than the other. Arsenal - The havent had a reliant striker since Henry, and i doubt this will change.... unless they get suarez? Will this change, possibly. Tottenham - depends on whether they keep bale, if he leaves they will bring in some quality, some people are saying benteke. I would hate that to happen, but if it does, what will bentekes odds be then. Other teams - No stand outs for me, and some people are buying wisely (Bony - swansea, In conclusion (sorry for rambling on), Do you agree with me, or do you think I'm being mad? i am obviously wearing my claret and blue tinted glasses, and I am somewhat suprised by the odds, which got me thinking this. Which players do you think will challenge. This has an underlying villa theme, but for the sake of the mods, i have started this in 'other football', as it will undoubtedly tail off into debate about other teams/players. Who do you think will be the 13/14 premier league Top scorer? Apologies if there is already a topic for this, please move if necessary. UTV
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